1 East
These young men claim to be of noble origin and have been inspired by tales of greatness and valor to take up to adventuring. Be it through courage, determination or sheer stubbornness, they are willing to see it through 'till the end. They aspire to become great knights or famous adventurers, yet they haven't even undertaken the proper training of a squire. Some considered it a waste of time and money, others couldn't afford it due to the loss of their heritage. Most of them haven't even been in a real fight, let alone take the life of another soul. Whatever their reasons, the point is that they don't really know how to fight, they are poorly equipped and they will get themselves killed. They should be treated like any other noble recruit, by leaving them out of any fight that is considered dangerous and putting them to watch actual warriors in action.

They can be found anywhere in taverns, looking for means of earning their keep. They should be recruited if it's opportune, as they show the potential of becoming some of the greatest warriors there are (pretty much like what you, the player, are trying to accomplish).

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