"Sarleon knights hold Warlord Zulkar in high esteem for his many acts of honor and bravery. Very few would dare to cross lances with him, however."
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Warlord Zulkar is the more honorable and respected Jatu Warlord. He earned the respect and admiration of most that know him, even the Noldor seem to grudgingly respect his battle prowess and honorable behavior. He has great equipment and combat skills, and his personal Grim Riders can be quite tough.

His equipment consists of a mixture of Noldor and Jatu wargear; an Enchanted Noldor Shield, coupled with a Noldor Longsword and a Noldor Spirit Horse. He is also equipped with the fearsome Hawkstorm Bow with Jatu Arrows. These are a testament to the fact that he has slain many a Noldor in battle and is a veteran of numerous raids on their lands. His armor set is fully made of elite Jatu items.

Warlord Zulkar Picture

Ingame picture representing him with his Grim Riders

Warlord Zulkar can be captured and ransomed for a Qualis gem or 100,000 denars. Alternatively he can be set free on account of never returning to Pendor again. His army generally numbers 300-400 men, and consists of the following:

Zulkar's forcesEdit

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