Velasco Perfecta Banderas Durante

A well known general from the Barclay kingdom. He is sent to Pendor to chase Rufio Vincente de Villaviciosia, but still can be hired by you or any Kingdom ruler. To be hired, the player needs to have at least positive relation with Barclay.

He is the leader of the Primera Guardia Real. He rides a Black Leather Draped Warhorse, and is equipped with a Barclay Noble Sword or a Silver Great Claymore, a heavy lance, a Morningstar and a Heater Shield. His weapons combined with his stats, plus his Barclay Plate makes him one of the strongest Mercenary Company's leaders.

Dialogues Edit

Introduction: Greetings from Barclay's finest company, {King/Queen} {playername}!

My name is Velasco Perfecta Banderas Durante, the captain of the Primera Guardia Real, but you may call me Velasco.

We are here in Pendor to look for the dastardly fugitive Rufio and bring his head to the Emperor.

In the meantime, we are pleased to take up work that we know best, and that's killing.

Departure: Ah, it is the hour of farewells.

We had pleasant journeys together, didn't we? We will be now looking for the bandit Rufio with increased vigor and much larger coffers. Should you need our help again, send your messenger and we'll join our lances again.