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Serving exclusively as an elite infantry regiment, they are comprised of ungelded men whose combat skills far exceed those of their gelded counterparts, the Kral and Krom Guards. It can be assumed that they are left ungelded to allow them to copulate, so as to allow more of their kind to be produced to fill the ranks of the Veccavia Uncut.

Some of these warriors have also managed to escape from their Veccavi masters and they follow Toblik, leader of the warband known as the Veccavia Renegades.

Unlike their more disposable counterparts, the Uncut are much more lethal combatants. They don plate armor, maximizing protection against steel and missiles. Durable metal shields literally make them walking fortresses of destruction, and coupled with the aid of Veccavian bloodswords, warhammers, military picks and morningstars, they carry enough in their arsenal to compete in durability and lethality with the Pendor Foot Knights.

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