“A sea captain told me about some island called Veccavi, where the women run everything and the men are slaves. Did you ever hear of such a thing?" - A Red Brotherhood Agent


The Veccavian Empire emphasizes the power of women. As such, their liege and all their noble troops are all female, while the men serve as the expendable foot troops. Boadice's sister is the current ruler of Veccavia, after usurping Boadice from her rightful position. The revolution is known as the Rattle of the Snakes.

Veccavians have a unique culture as compared to many others. While it is not unusual to see female warriors in battle, it is unusual to see females leading the male warriors into battle. The veccavians have a policy of gelding men before placing them into their army. This is similar to an ancient practice of castrating male servants before allowing them to serve in a noble court or family. It is a sign of dominance, and also to prevent them from fooling around.

It is notable to see the female warriors as cavalry, guards, knights and archers. They are equipped with mounts, good armor and weapons. In stark contrast, the male warriors are poorly armed and armored. They are given flimsy wooden shields for protection and poorly crafted spears and axes to fight with, and are the front-line infantry unit. The exception is the Veccavia Uncut, ungelded men who don well-crafted arms and armor, serving as an exclusive elite heavy infantry regiment in Verante Kruus's personal warband. However, a few enlisted in the Veccavian Renegades aswell.


Troop Tree
Tier Female Male
1st Veccavi Man Hunter Veccavi Kral Guard
2nd Veccavi Companion Veccavia Royal Archer Veccavi Krom Guard
3rd Veccavi Knight Veccavi Uncut
4th Veccavi Queen's Guard

Note: Maiden Warder can be upgraded to Veccavi Man Hunter for 20d.

All of these can be obtained as prisoner recruits or by rescuing them from a party who has them captives, except for the Veccavi Queen's Guard and the Veccavia Uncut, this last troop will only be in Toblik and Verante's armies.


They can occasionally be seen as a wandering smaller army called the "Daughters of Persinoe". This army contains:

Verante Kruus commands "The Renegade Witch Hunt", an army whose purpose is to capture Veccavia's most wanted fugitive, dead or alive. But when appearing in Pendor, the mistrust with the other factions will make this army hostile to them all, except for the Order of the Falcon and the Lady Valkyries Sisterhood, where they are allies.

The last veccavian influence in Pendor is The Veccavian Renegades, a mercenary company leaded by Toblik that leads a warband that escaped from Veccavia, the female oppression and male injustices. He was surprised to see more injustice in Pendor, as women are treated no better than men in Veccavia. He wants justice over all, but he chose to remain in Pendor and not go back to Veccavia to protect the soldiers who followed him. Some female warriors are in his army too as they believe in justice and Toblik's ideals.


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