Veccavi Sentinel

The only archer unit fielded by the Veccavi, the Sentinels are competent, superior to the Ravenstern Warden but falling far short of the Ravenstern Ranger.

For close quarters combat, they are armed with war spears, which provide some measure of defense against enemy cavalry that have broken through, especially when ordered to stand closer together.

Armed with Long Composite Bow and Barbed Arrows and their almost 300 proficiencies, they are a threat that should not be ignored. When fighting melee they are weaker, but they still can prove useful with their wide variety of melee weapons, these being Ravenstern Longsword, Two Handed War Axe, One Handed War Axe, One Handed Battle Axe and War Spear. If she uses the Two Handed War Axe, she will have the shield on her back, with the other weapons, she will be using it. But in an actual melee against any mid-tier foot soldier, expect them to fall quickly.

Note: their archery proficiency was raised from 270 to 290 in 3.9.

This troop is upgraded from Veccavi Man Hunter for 20 d and upgrade no more.