Vanskerry Warrior

Moving in small groups around the main shores of Pendor are the hearty Vanskerry raiders. Angry over the betrayal of their Fierdsvain cousins, who have given up their way of living, they constantly raid villages for supplies and women. Their attacks are feared and they constantly attack to weaken the Fierdsvain kingdom so that their Vanskerry leaders from their homeland can easily invade them with an entire army.

The Vanskerry warriors lead small groups of Vanskerry raiders to pillage and attack villages and caravans, but can also be found in the Vanskerry armies led by the Jarls. Heavily armed and armored, the Vanskerry warriors are tough, as far as bandits go. Even the Fierdsvain Huscarls have problems fighting them.

Armed primarily with a variety of axes, they don byrines and mail hauberks. Militias and raw soldiers often have problems trying to take them down. However, disciplined and relatively experienced soldiers will find them easy to take down. A disciplined squad of Fierdsvain Huscarls or mid- to top-tier troops will have no problems with them too. Armed with throwing axes and javelins, they are relatively dangerous at close range, but are pathetically inaccurate when thrown from far, and their axes and javelins can be dodged rather easily with high athletics/riding skill.

They can be seen in Vanskerries patrols (1-12) and in the Sea Raider army (40-300).

This troop is upgraded from Vanskerry Raider for 120 d and upgrades no more.

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