Valdis Huscarl (profile)

Valdis Huscarl (v3.7)

The nightmare of any army. This troops are elite huscarls loyal to Koningur Valdis. They are hand-picked by the Fierdsvain monarch himself and trained to ride on horseback. Now, riding a wide array of horses, including the Ironbred Stallion, they can crush armies opposing them with their steed's hooves and their mighty axes. It is not wise for anybody to get on the wrong side of Koningur or they get a lesson they will never forget. Armed with the signature axes of the Fierdsvain and a range of decent horses, they can easily charge through a hail of missles with their powerful Huscarl shield and stampede their adverseries into submission.

When facing them, it is recommended to get a row of pikemen and supporting archers with a quick rate of fire. The pikemen will stop their horses in their track while the archers will break their shields and kill them while they are stalled. It is important to have a group of heavy infantry at the ready to protect the pikemen if the archers fail to kill the Huscarl.

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