Unique Spawns are armies that tend to be even more powerful than the generic spawns of the minor factions. They are occasionally affiliated with minor factions, but not always; they also may or may not attack lords of the five major factions. They can also be hired as mercenaries by the major factions.  Bring your best men, horses, and tools of war.

You may or may not be able to capture a particular unique spawn. If you can, and you successfully capture them, you have several options:

  • Kill them - (won't return) - Secondary effect: player drops 5 honor and 5 renown
  • Ransom them for 100,000 denars - (chance they'll return)
  • Ransom them for a Qualis Gems - (chance they'll return)

Note that the leaders of the unique spawn armies must have at least 15% of their health in order to appear on the battlefield, take part in the battle and therefore be or not be captured. Otherwise you will be unable to capture them and you will also receive no message about them escaping.

You also can't capture a Unique spawn of a minor faction you're friendly with (relations in the positive) by attacking them or by joining battle against them, so if you're friends with Adventuring Companies for example, that'll automatically exclude the possibility of capturing Oswald De Fleur, Meregan Kierlic and Kodan Ironsword. You also won't get the message saying that they've escaped.

Regardless, they are not to be taken lightly. All unique spawns except the Noldor lords and Verante Kruus must be defeated to win the game:

Note: After you defeat one of them he/she will be noted in the characters page.

Generic Spawns are large armies of the minor factions.  When defeated, they do not give Qualis gems.  These include:

Mercenary Spawns are minor unique armies that can be hired by the player after founding the kingdom of Pendor. They can also be hired by other kings in addition to the major unique spawns.  Mercenary spawn leaders cannot be captured and thus do not give Qualis gems.

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