Town Militiaman

Town Militiamen are the professional protectors of their villages. Compared to any given village recruit they are much better equipped, having proper swords and often stand out with their mail coifs. These men form the backbone of law enforcement, having decided to dedicate their lives to keeping the roads safe for their friends and family.

They are much better off compared to the Militia Recruits they upgrade from, but they still have largely poor armor and no shield, making them easy pickings for archers and making them considerably more vulnerable to cavalry. While they are more than a match for the common outcasts and bandits, (as well as state recruits and maybe militia units) they will crumple up against anything harder and better equipped. They can sometimes be found leading groups of refugees and in prisoner stacks where they can be recruited, and can sometimes be found mixed in with villagers when fighting in any given village.

This troop is upgraded from Militia Recruit for 10 d and upgrades into Bounty Hunter for 20 d.

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