Introduction Edit

Thrown Weapons are ranged weapons cast directly from the hand. Like crossbows, their reticule does not expand over time compared to other ranged weapons. Like bows, they use a skill, in this case Power Throw, to augment their damage. Thrown weapons have the lowest projectile speeds out of all ranged weapons, making long-range use nearly impossible for players who cannot predict their opponents' movements.

Thrown weapons suffer from very low ammunition counts and can be quite expensive, but offer excellent damage. The weapons are munitions themselves, and therefore do not require another item, like arrows or bolts, in order to be used. Some throwing weapons, like Stones, cannot be retrieved after they have been thrown and missed their target. Thrown weapons have a higher accuracy penalty the more damage they do. Javelins will always be inaccurate due to their high damage, while throwing weapons such as regular throwing knives will be highly accurate.

All thrown weapons are single-handed, so they may be used with a shield and be employed from horseback. These weapons have the smallest accuracy penalty while moving out of all ranged weapons, both on foot and on horseback. The arc when throwing from horseback appears to cover a perfect 180 degrees, starting 70 degrees to your right and ending 110 degrees to your left.

Stats Edit

  • Name: The name of the weapon.
  • Base Price: Is a illustrative price. It will be available in the marketplace for a higher price than this and sold for lower than this.
    • The buying and selling price is influenced by the city and the trade skill, as well as the modifiers.
  • Weight: Affects overall encumbrance (the speed at which you travel). This also increases the delay after parrying or blocking before another attack can be made with the weapon. Blocking a high weight weapon with a low weight weapon results in a short stun period. With the roles reversed, the result is a standard block of the lighter weapon. The weight of the weapon also affects its ability to crush through blocks. For most ranged weapons outside of those with melee capability, the weight only serves to encumber the wielder.
  • Damage:
    • Cutting (c): Cutting weapons often do bonus damage against lightly armored targets, but deal significantly lower damage to heavily armored assailants (compared to piercing and blunt damage).
    • Pierce (p): Piercing weapons have higher armor penetration than cutting weapons without losing as much effectiveness against lightly armored targets compared to blunt weapons.
    • Blunt (b): Blunt weapons have highest armor penetration and do lower damage against lightly armored targets. These weapons will always knockout the target; there is no way to kill a target with blunt damage. This makes these weapons the only reliable way to capture Prisoners, since a charging horse doesn't deal enough damage to reliably knockout enemies. Additionally, blunt weapons have a chance of knocking a target over depending on the weapon's weight and speed.
  • Speed rating: Affects attack and block speed, as well as weapon speed bonus (bonus damage based on weapon speed while attacking). This also affects the weapon's ability to crush through blocks. For ranged weapons without a melee mode, this only shows the rate of fire and reload speed of the weapon
  • Missile Speed: This determines how fast fired projectiles will travel. Higher rating will increase the distance a missile can travel and the chances of it bypassing a blocking defender's shield.
  • Requires throw: The level of throw the player/companion needs to be able to equip the weapon.

List of Thrown weapons Edit

The thrown weapons held in a different colored row are used for training camps and tournaments. They won't be found in any troop nor store.

Asp Throwing Axes are unique weapons, will only be used by Maltise and her Asp Vanguards and they can't be obtained by the player.

(Item ID)
Assassin Throwing Knives


8 473 3.50 38p 110 50 3 -
Broad Head Throwing Spears


8 421 5.50 50p 91 28 1 Bonus against shields


12 320 5.00 32p 95 32 0 -
Great Gaflak


1 1501 5.00 60p 91 37 6 Bonus against shields,
Heavy Throwing Axes


4 624 5.00 44c 97 18 4 Thrown/1H


10 412 4.00 45p 89 30 2 -


12 371 5.00 42p 91 25 1 -
Light Throwing Axes


4 362 5.00 35c 99 18 2 Thrown/1H
Old Empire Hasta


6 493 4.50 54p 95 38 3 Bonus against shields
Old Empire Light Pilum


8 593 4.00 52p 96 41 3 Bonus against shields
Old Empire Pilum


7 543 4.00 53p 95 40 3 Bonus against shields
Practice Javelins


50 0 5.00 27b 91 28 0 Thrown/Polearm


18 1 4.00 11b 97 30 0 -
Throwing Axes


4 493 5.00 41c 98 18 3 Thrown/1H
Throwing Daggers


14 0 3.50 16c 106 25 0 -
Throwing Daggers


10 0 3.50 16b 102 25 0 -
Throwing Daggers


100 0 3.50 16b 102 25 0 -
Throwing Daggers


13 210 3.50 25c 110 24 0 -
Throwing Knives


14 210 3.50 19c 121 25 0 -
Throwing Spears


10 382 4.00 44p 90 29 2 -
War Darts


10 310 5.00 35p 93 32 0 -
Asp Throwing Axes


15 10004 5.00 40p 100 40 4 Thrown/1H

Modifiers Edit

Modifier Damage Speed Ammo
Throw Cost
Large Bag 0 0 +15 0 +90
Balanced +3 +3 0 0 +250
Heavy +2 -2 0 +1 +90
Bent -3 -3 0 0 -35

Throwing Axes normally have four in a bundle, but a Large Bag of Thrown Axes will have five: 4*1.15=4.6; since .6 is less than 1, it receives the minimum value of +1.

Due to their status as ranged and melee weapons as well as ammunition, some throwing weapons can benefit from these modifiers as well as the Balanced or Heavy modifier.

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