Sarleon Kingdom
The Kingdom of Sarleon dominates the center of the game map. The current King, Ulric of Sarleon, is the descendant of King Alfred I, former Duke Alfred of Sarleon. 

Once King Alfred established the Kingdom of Sarleon, most of the Knighthood orders charged with defending Pendor were outlawed. The most famous of the outlawed orders was the Order of the Griffon: the guardians of the royal line of Pendor. Today only one order, the Order of the Lion still exists in Sarleon. This noble order backed Alfred’s claim to rule.

The Order of the Lion since that time has had a murky past, and for a score of years they also were outlawed.  Today they have been vindicated and are now in the good graces of King Ulric of Sarleon and are the guardians of the realm.

The claimant to this kingdom is Sir Darlion of Pendor.


The Kingdom of Sarleon has the weakest commoner troop tree, as well as having the most basic pattern, resulting having the least troops and only once the player will be given the option to pick an upgrade path. However, this is compensated with higher numbers.

Their archers and foot infantry makes up most of the commoner's troop tree, being the nobles one fullfilled with cavalry. The Kingdom does equip their knights with the best equipment of the kingdom, as well as being trained the most, resulting in the best knights that stand out not only from this kingdom, but they stand out in the within all kingdoms, surpassing the Knights from the other 5 major factions.

It is worth noting that the archer troop tree is cheaper and faster than the infantry one, with a similar potential in the latest troop but skipping a couple of upgrade troops. Overall their commoner troops are weaker than the ones from the other kingdom, but Sarleon overtakes this disadvantage with their other one, being their bad strategic position, with way faster recruitment, meaning if a lord was defeated or was left with a small army, he will restock faster than lords from other kingdoms.
Kingdom of Sarleon

In the North, the Kingdom of Ravenstern, in the West, the Fierdsvain, in the South, the D'Shar Principalities, in the South-East, the Empire, in the East, the Noldor forests and in the North-East, the Jatu desert.

Knighthood Orders

Their main order of the Sarleon kingdom is clearly the Order of the Lion, being established in the capital and having a 10% chance to start in Marleons as well.

They are the factional order of the Kingdom of Sarleon, meaning that a couple of Knights of the Lion is added occasionally to every lord of the kingdom. Baron Aelfried and Duke Brennus have Knights of the Lion as their household troop.

Other orders that may be established in this kingdom are the Order of the Ebony Gauntlet (30% chance in Avendor), the Order of the Clarion Call (always in Laria) and the Order of the Raven Spear (15% chance in Avendor).


These are the recruiting patrons all lords and walled fiefs attached to the Sarleon culture will follow (ordered by tier):



Troop trees

Tier Name
1st Sarleon Recruit
2nd Sarleon Militia
3rd Sarleon Trained Militia Sarleon Skirmisher
4th Sarleon Footman
5th Sarleon Armored Footman Sarleon Longbowman
6th Sarleon Man-at-Arms Sarleon Cavalry*
7th Sarleon Halberdier Sarleon Armored Longbowman

You may also see Marleons Heavy Cavalry in Duke Aelfwine's army and in the 1st Banneret of Marleons. They are Sarleon's special troop.
Sarleon Man-at-Arms may be as well upgraded to Squire of the Lion if you meet the special requirements.
Sarleon Armored Longbowman may be as well upgraded to Larian Sentinel if you meet the special requirements.
*: troop added in 3.9

Sarleon Commoner 3.9

Tier Name
1st Sarleon Nobleman
2nd Sarleon Squire-at-Arms
3rd Sarleon Knight

Sarleon Knights may be upgraded further to Knights of the Lion and Rangers of the Clarion Call if you meet the special requirements.

Sarleon Noble 3.9


The Kingdom of Sarleon has 20 lords, these being:

Note: the ones in bold are notable lords, meaning they will have fixed higher values every game, some of these will even have Household troops.


There are 4 cities within this kingdom, these being:


9 Castles protect this kingdom, these being:

Commentary on Sarleon

"Sarleon is the flower of Pendor. The single candle in the darkness of anarchy." -Knight of the Lion

"If the Knights of the Lion are the new standard of the Validus Charta, then we are pleased that we do not appear in such a corrupt text." -Knight of the Dragon, on campaign with the Ravenstern military

"I seriously call into question the so-called chivalry of the Sarleon Knights when they couldn't even protect the defenseless against bands of starving marauders." -Fierdsvain Patrician

"I love the smell of burned Knights in the morning. How the Sarleon cavaliers manage to fight in the intense heat of the desert is beyond me, though it does explain why they always lose." -D'Shar Lord

"I came, I saw, I conquered." -General Oasar on Sarleon

"Pretender Ulric is no more the King of Pendor than is Pretender Gregory. Both are simply moths drawn to the allure of what Pendor once was, and like moths corrupt it with their touch." -Madame Ursula, former crown princess of Ravenstern and member of the defunct Order of the Falcon

"I watched, as they did nothing, while I hear the roars of men, the weeping of women, and the cries of children; they who call themselves protectors of Pendor did nothing." -Renegade Knight of the Lion


The Sarleon armies are hugely based on cavalry. Whilst they have some good infantry and decent archers,their cavalry is rightly feared. Most Sarleon lords will field a heavy compliment of knights and squires-at-arms. When facing them on a field try to engage the cavalry near a river to break their cavalry charge. Good cavalry (Empire Knights) and good archers are recommended. If there is no river, place your archers on an elevated position with your infantry in front of them. Distract their cavalry to break any charge damage then get your cavalry to charge them in return. Go over to their main infantry force and distract them by making them follow you, but make sure you stay a healthy distance away from their halberds. Your archers will massacre the infantry due to their halberdiers having no shields. MAKE SURE to always disrupt their archer lines as they'll pack a big punch. After that, deal with any remaining cavalry and have your cavalry pick off any stragglers. If your archers run out of arrows/bolts, retreat and repeat the process.  

When defending in a siege, make sure you have good archers to pick off their halberdiers and their archers as they're a major threat to your infantry. Make sure your infantry have long weapons to deal with the halberdiers as well, although it's not a priority. When sieging one of their castles, make any infantry form a shield wall in front of your archers so your archers can fire undisturbed and so your infantry aren't instantly massacred. Charge your infantry in once most the archers and some of their halberdiers are killed.

Unit Tactical Overview

(From Tactical Overview)

Infantry: With well-fed commoners, Sarleon footmen are extremely strong soldiers that are well supplied by their lords with decent armor, heavy weapons and shields. Many of them are proficent with the use of the Sarleon Longsword and the feared Morningstar. The most elite troops are granted heavy mail and corrazina armor, and given the use of the extremely unwieldy halberd, which they use to cleave through the flesh and armor of anything that attempts to taint the splendor of the Sarleon kingdom.

Sarleon's footmen are extremely easy to train, at least until the Man-At-Arms tier, where they will slowly progress on to the Halberdier tier. Given the wide amount of shields that their foot soldiers carry, they are usually able to survive several barrage of missiles, with the exception of the halberdiers. The Armored Footmen and Man-At-Arms are decently armored individuals capable of taking down halted cavalry and engaging against other heavily armored infantry, and the use of their shields generally ensure their survival in their march towards a firing line. However, their wooden shields do shatter pretty easily, so players should ensure that these troops maneuver themselves to engage the enemy archers as quickly as possible.

The Halberdiers, on the other hand are completely vulnerable to archers, especially horse archers. One should keep them away from archers, either by hiding them behind shielded troops or hills, before sending them to engage their foes. The Halberdiers are the finest foot soldiers of Sarleon, and rightfully so. Their halberds can easily slice through armor and flesh. They can easily stop horses right in their tracks, before bearing the halberd for a finishing blow on the rider. Additionally, the halberdiers are surprisingly able to combat infantry, even in sieges. However, should an enemy get close to the halberdier, it usually spells disaster for them as they lack a short-range weapon to counter any attacks.

To use Sarleon's footmen effectively, carry a mix of Man-At-Arms and Halberdiers to ensure optimal effectiveness against any threats. Using the shielded Man-At-Arms to combat enemy archers and infantry and the halberdiers to engage any opposing cavalry will usually ensure victory with very light losses.

Archers: The archers of Sarleon make use of the longbow, a powerful and deadly bow that requires an experienced individual to maximize its effectiveness. Sarleon archers are extremely well trained soldiers in the art of archery. They make excellent siege defenders, due in large to the high damage output they can unleash with a single arrow. What they may lack in firing speed, they make up with raw power.

Inexperienced archers use the short bow, while Sarleon Longbowmen and Armored Longbowmen use the longbows, a deadly and powerful tool of war that is extremely difficult to master. They carry standard heraldic kite shields and longswords. In a pinch, they do make decent melee fighters. However, they fare horribly against cavalry in melee, and thus require the halberdiers to defend them from that threat.

CavalrySarleon, without a doubt, fields the heaviest cavalry in Pendor. The Marleons Heavy Cavalry are decent horsemen that Duke Aelfwine fields, equipped with morningstars and lances. Their Knights are extremely deadly, and the sight of one bearing down on a hapless foot soldier, with their morningstars raised is enough to cause just about anyone to flee in terror. They also use longswords, the two-handed silver claymores and lances to great effect.

The only thing more fearsome than a Knight that Sarleon fields is a Knight of the Lion. They too, use morningstars, swords and lances to great effect. Each swing of their weapons can easily slaughter mid-tier troops and leave top-tier infantry on the brink of death.

Their Knights make great siege defenders, and they aren't too shabby when it comes to assaulting a fortress. They especially excel in field battles, where they can take advantage of their mobility to decimate enemies with ease. A commander looking for cavalry forces to smash through hostile infantry formations need not look any further, as the Sarleon Knights can fulfill this role exceedingly well.