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The Kingdom of Ravenstern is one of five major factions in Prophesy of Pendor. It is ruled by King Gregory IV.

For Ravenstern troop overviews, see the Ravenstern Troop Tree.


To the north, the Kingdom of Ravenstern sits on the southern slopes of the impassable Cloudmist Mountains. They are a hearty and proud people well adapted to the harsh northern climate. The people of Ravenstern were once members of the great Kingdom of Pendor, and once that fell, continued to serve under the crown of Sarleon. However, in 199 the Mystmountain clans united and launched a massive invasion, leading to the siege of Rane. The earl of Rane sent pleas for help to the Lords of the nation; however, the southern Lords refused to answer the call to arms. The northern lords banded together and came to the aid of Rane, breaking the famous siege and decisively routing the Mystmountains.

Following the siege of Rane, the Order of the Dragon was formed in honor of the bravery of the warriors of Rane and as a nod to the Dragon rumored to have come to the defense of the city through the hero, Cliff McManus. Those who fought with distinction in the war were offered a place in the Order. The Southern Lords, angered at this, quickly moved to have the Order disbanded, as it was not in the Validus Charta. The Lords of Ravenstern considered this a grave insult to the bravery and sacrifice of their esteemed warriors and seceded from the Kingdom of Sarleon. Thus, the Kingdom of Ravenstern was born. The Knights of the Order of the Dragon, the absolute elite of the Ravenstern Nobles, are one of the most fearsome units to engage on the field of battle. Unlike most of the other Knighthood Orders in the realm, these Knights do not swear allegiance to a certain noble but accompany the Lords of Ravenstern if it aids their Order's cause. Upon the coronation of a new King, the Grandmaster of the Order gives the King a great blade: Dragon's Tooth, in lieu of an oath of loyalty. This ceremony acknowledges the continuing support of the Order of the Dragon to the Kingdom of Ravenstern.

Ever since that battle, Ravenstern has been tested by constant raids and sorties from these bloodthirsty clansmen. The Lords of Ravenstern are fearsome warriors, yet they are quite proud, stubborn and individual. There is a strong underlying culture of competition among these people that makes them outstanding warriors though they sometimes lack the discipline needed for military order and drill. The ruler of Ravenstern is King Gregory IV, the great grandson of King Gregory I, who led the final charge that drove the shaman of the northern barbarians back to their hide in the Cloudmist Mountains. Ravenstern cling to the memories of this great campaign and it is from this which their famous resolve and great martial ability stems.

Commentary on RavensternEdit

"Like a dragon defends its lair, the soldiers of Ravenstern defend her against all those who would deny our independence." -King Gregory IV of Ravenstern

"I’ve heard it said that a dragon defends Ravenstern. I bet it is just a dragonfly." -Archer of Sarleon

"I have a grudging respect for the men of Ravenstern; they stand as a bastion before the barbarian hordes, and we all know too well that burden." -Fierdsvain Veteran Warrior

"Ravenstern men are hairy. Ravenstern women are hairy. Ravenstern men wear skirts. Ravenstern women wear skirts. Both live in the icy north; I therefore conclude that the population of Ravenstern is just a bunch of girls." -D'Shar Lord

"The real reason that the people of Ravenstern took to the northern mountains was that it is about as far from the Empire as one can get in Pendor, plus the fact that we don’t much like the cold." -Empire Legionnaire

"The Mystmountain host will march again soon, but this time there will be no saviors of Rane." -Mystmountain Warrior

"As I was traveling through the icy mountains of Pendor, I met an elf. She was shy and always had a tear on her eye and she said: I cry because I'm sad. I'm sad because the snow reminds me of my friend; he also likes to cry, and from his final moments he smiled at me and gave me all these gems. He said that these gems are part of him. The gems were like snow: crystal blue and clear as could be; gentle and white like the snow, like my friend." -Old Man of Al-Aziz


The Ravenstern's archers are truly a force to be reckoned with. If they manage to get on a good hill, you're dead. However, with their mediocre infantry and half-decent cavalry they can be taken down with the proper tactics. When facing them on the battlefield, have a good amount of strong cavalry or you're done for. You may be surprised to see the amount of cavalry in their armies but don't be daunted. One tactic is to charge in your cavalry immediately to not give them time to form a proper archer line and then move in your infantry for extra support. On the defensive it is essential to take cover behind a hill or in a forest. Whenever a firing line forms deal with it quickly or be prepared to suffer a lot of casualties. Watch for their Knights of the Dragon, as some of their vassals have large quantities of them and they are a fearsome opponent.

When defending in a siege, be prepared for losses. Their archers can destroy your entire garrison if you're not prepared. Sarleon and the Empire have very good archers/crossbowmen so use them to disable their firing force. Don't worry about their infantry as their armour is weak, although they hit fast they don't hit hard. When sieging one of their castles immediatley rush your forces onto the ladders and in the castle or you will suffer heavy losses. If it's a siege tower get infantry with large shields and be prepared for the worst 5 minutes of your gaming history. Don't bother with a firing line as they'll be almost instantly killed in the hail of arrows.

Unit Tactical OverviewEdit

Infantry: Under the harsh climate of the mountains and facing the Mystmountain on a regular basis, Ravenstern men are extremely tough and strong-willed individuals. As an extra measure against the cold, most Ravenstern infantry wear some form of kilt with their armor.

Trained with the use of axes and swords, Ravenstern footmen are lethal forces to be reckoned with. They also use shields regularly, and all the infantry unit from the Ravenstern Footmen are all supplied with shields from their commanders. Their armor are pretty decent, donning Cuir Bouilli, Surcoat over Mail and the Kierguard Plate.

The Ravenstern Highlanders battalions are comprised of men living in the area around the city of Senderfall. They undergo harsher training, in order to strengthen both their bodies and minds to fight the hordes of the Mystmountain raiders. Unlike the kierguards, Highlanders also wield the Ravenstern Great Sword, an extremely essential tool to decapitate the Mystmountain steeds and raiders. In combat, the Highlanders are almost as tough as the Fierdsvain Huscarls, and can easily engage in melee combat with them. Their Great Swords grant the Highlanders extremely high assault prowess against infantry and cavalry. They are only fielded by Duke Alaric in large numbers.

Overall, their infantry are pretty decent soldiers, with their Kierguards being extremely easy to train. Their choice of weapons allows them to shatter shields easily. However, they lack any substantial infantry support against cavalry, with very few of the Man-At-Arms carrying polehammers. That being said, most of their infantry are well-shielded against ranged troops. Their Kierguards are reliable soldiers, although their fighting prowess cannot be compared to the Fierdsvain Huscarls. They are good troops to be placed as garrisons, due to their cheap upkeep and the short time to train them.

Archers: Due to the nature of their environment, even the village watch are well-trained with the use of the bow, allowing them to eliminate foes at range, especially the Mystmountain raiders. The villagers also commonly deploy hunters to capture moose, and thus many boys have perfected the use of the bow by the time they are ready to serve in their lord's warbands.

The Ravenstern Kingdom fields the most powerful archers among the major kingdoms. Their warbows enable their archers to fire rapidly, without sacrificing the bow's power. Coupled with the use of the bodkin arrows, even theRavenstern Archers are extremely lethal against top-tier troops at range. The more experienced Wardens and Rangers don heavier armor and are not only more experienced with their bows, but also with their axes, longswords and greatswords. The only known archers that can fire as fast, if not faster than the Ravenstern archers are the Noldor.

Due to their rate of fire, they excel both on the field and in sieges. They can easily shatter shields, eliminate unshielded foes and dehorse incoming cavalry. Most foes that attempt to get within melee range of the archers usually end up as a bloodied heap of flesh on the ground, with arrows protruding out of their bodies from odd angles. That being said, once the archers run out of arrows, which is always the case, they are extremely vulnerable to calvary and shock infantry. Berserkers and horsemen riding on extremely powerful mounts like the Netherworld Chargers and Ironbred Stallions can usually eliminate them easily in melee combat. Be sure to keep them well protected with your own cavalry forces or some form of anti-cavalry infantry. That being said, Ravenstern archers can play an essential role in battles, and it is recommended for one to train some of them, even if one is not a mercenary or a vassal of the Ravenstern Kingdom.

Cavalry: The Kingdom of Ravenstern fields both noble and non-noble cavalry. This grants them exceptional tactical advantages over their foes, as their steeds are a mixture of agile hunters and powerful warhorses. With a larger cavalry force, not only are the Ravenstern Lords able to travel faster, but they are also much fearsome in battle.

The non-noble cavalry consist of the Mounted Rangers and Horsemen. Both ride on lighter hunters and are equipped with chain and mail. The Mounted Rangers use shorter composite bows to fire from horseback with ease. They also use a mix of longswords and great swords to great effect, using their mount's speed to slice through even the heaviest armor that the Sarleon kingdom can produce. The Horsemen use swords, one-handed and two-handed axes as well as cavalry lances. Given the variety of weapons they carry, the Horsemen can easily shatter shields on the first charge and follow up with a swing from their shorter weapons, which can usually eliminate or severly weaken dangerous foes. Both the Mounted Rangers and Horsemen are great troops to pursue routing troops.

The Knights are heavier cavalry riding on warhorses, using their steeds' powerful charge to smash through infantry shieldwalls. They don Coat of Plates, granting them great protection against enemy attacks. Unlike Horsemen, they don't use axes but completely focus on the use of swords and lances. As powerful as the Ravenstern Knights are, their fighting skills and endurance are of no match to the Sarleon heavy knights, and are usually decimated by them. Even the Knights of the Dragon are only barely able to match up with them, and are then, dominated by the skills of the Knights of the Lion. Thus, keep your Ravenstern cavalry forces well supported with the Ravenstern Rangers when facing superior foes.

Ravenstern's cavalry is a great choice for a mercenary or a vassal of Ravenstern, as their Horsemen are cheap to maintain and easy to train and their Mounted Rangers are extremely lethal with their skirmishing tactics. However, it is recommended to upgrade your Ravenstern Knights in the Order of the Dragon as soon as possible in order for them to combat foes easily.

Tactical Overview

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