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The Kingdom of Pendor is the sixth major faction of Prophesy of Pendor. It represents a unified Pendor, which will not come about without your intervention. For it to exist, you must create an independent kingdom; you are not required to follow the Pendor culture, nor name it the Kingdom of Pendor, although those are "canonically" the proper choices.

Pendor's troops are rather weak, but easily trained and in great numbers, they can prove to be a substantial force. Pendor fields average infantry, decent archers and pretty strong medium and heavy cavalry. Pendor's troops make great garrisons for castles and quickly built armies, due to their quickness in training and low upkeep cost.

Pendor's noble troop line supplies the elite troops. Use the noble line to access all of the different knighthood orders availible to this kingdom, or even just make use of the fantastic infantry, knights, and archers it provides. As Pendor, Your Pendor Man-at-Arms are mainly a shock unit, they can do fantastic damage with their great swords but despite having fairly good armor will get killed often, due to their lack of shields and lower health as compared to top tier infantry units from any other faction. Dont expect your Pendor Armored Bowman to hold their own against RavensternSarleon, or Empire archers.

However they do fire fairly fast and put out a constant stream of arrow to suppress your enemy. Make good use of them, but keep them protected as a cavalry charge will wipe them out. Your archer line will be more deadly and more resistant to a cavalry charge with a few Pendor Grey Archers in it. The War Spears that some of them use will halt cavalry that attempt to run down your archers, and the expert sharpshooting you will see from them will be welcome as well. If you want your archer line to be really deadly however, you should upgrade your greys into Silvermist Rangers and your Pendor Foot Knights into Knights of the ebony gauntlet.

With these men in your archer line you will be virtually unstoppable, with them mowing down any enemies foolish enough to oppose you (provided that you keep them protected). While they still need to be protected to prevent losses, if they are forced into a melee situation they can be expected to hold their own very well. Spread out in an archer line they will be somewhat vulnerable to cavalry charges, but the squire units of these two knighthood orders, the Silvermist Halberdiers and the Ebony Gauntlet Hammers, are perfect for protecting them from such threats. Pendor has good non-noble cavalry, that does its job of supporting the knights very well. The Pendor Mtd. Man-at-Arms are nearly able to hold their own against Ravenstern Knights.

For Pendor troop overviews, see the Pendor Troop Tree.

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