This is one of the hireable mercenary companies. 10,000 denars have to be paid to hire the company. This army is led by Jarryn Maersow and consists of:

Probably one of the weakest, specially in the battleground, as well as all of the troops suffering the Mercenaries wage bonus (166% of the original wages). Its not suggested unless the player needs this army to fight some nearby unique spawn or defend a fief from an attacking faction. Jarryn Maersow is a not good leader nor his company is worth their weekly cost.

As well as the player, the 5 major kingdoms may hire this company.

Note: Since 3.9.0, this company raised to be the most expensive, but at the same time, one of the strongest, mainly due the heavy increase in performance of their soldiers individually. The numbers of these company were slightly changed as well:

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