Syla Uzas

Syla Uzas is a veteran of the Empire and an utter sociopath. He cares only for two things: money and killing, and money is just compensation for his real joy in life, killing. Despite this, he has formed an elite force of like-minded Empire knights, Immortals and troops of the Order of the Shadow Legion.

Syla Uzas Equipment

He is equipped with a mixture of the gear the troops under his command carry: Gauntlets, Immortal Helm, Shadow Legion Armor/Empire Consul Armor, Shadow Legion Boots/Empire Consul Greaves, Old Empire Pilum, an Immortal Shield, a Long Knight Lance and an Empire Broadsword. He always rides a Imperial Dark Stallion.

Syla Uzas can be captured. His army generally numbers 300-500 men, and consists of the following:

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