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We arrived at Gunder's Lodge and after much labor preparing the seige tower everything was finally in place. The troops couldn't wait to get started.


After a mercifully brief pep talk (something along the lines of extra pay for each kill as I recall) we began rolling the tower up to the walls.


After a great deal of bloodshed on both sides, during which I didn't have the luxury of pulling out paint and canvas, my forces finally swarm up the tower of the central keep to break the last defensive stronghold.


At last, the final defense is fallen. Or so I believed, as not all was what it seemed.


Something unusual was happening here that required further investigation. Or at least my troops thought so.


It only took a brief search to identify the cause of the confusion.


I'll never understand why nobody thought to mention this to me sooner. What am I paying these numbskulls for, anyway?


I think the helms must have obscured their vision.



He's an awfully long way up to be playing at these sorts of tricks.

It's a shame for him that I was too lazy to climb all those stairs!

He was so busy mocking the knights that he never saw me coming.


Absolutely clueless.


And thus the last defender finally fell. A very, very long way. Gunder's Lodge is mine, and I've posted warning signs inside the crenelations.

- Unknown AuthorEdit

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