Squire of the Lion

The male offspring of the Knights of the Lion are often granted the privilege of joining the Order of the Lion at an early age. This is a great honor for many of the young nobles, to be able to join the guardians of the Sarleon kingdom and act as personal elite bodyguards of the Sarleon monarch, King Ulric.

These young horsemen lack the heavy assault prowess of the heavily armored Knights of the Lion, using only lances and arming swords.They also ride on hunter mounts, which are faster than the heavy warhorses used by the Knights but obviously lacking the charging power and armor of the warhorses. However, their faster speed allows them to use their lances with more lethality, which allows them to devastate even powerful knights from the Order of the Dawn. Once dismounted, they are obviously less proficient fighters, and even mid-tier Fierdsvain infantry are able to slaughter the squires with ease. Their mail and surcoat armor allows these inexperienced nobles to fight with ease in melee combat for a substantial period of time, but in a prolonged battle, they aren't going to fare as well as the heavily armored Knights.

Always try to keep them mounted. That's where they can rake up kills, using the speed of their mounts to unleash devastating attacks on their foes. They complement well with the Lion Knights. The Knights will ram and smash their way through infantry formations, while the Squires make short work of recovering enemies and routing enemies.

They are the Sergeant unit of the Order of the Lion, and they can be obtained upgrading Sarleon Man-at-Arms.

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