Leather greaves a
General information
Name: Splinted Leather Greaves
Type: Footwear
PoP version: v3.7063
Faction/Order: No Faction
(It can be in the inventory)
Mercenary Armored Crossbowman, Singalian Spearman (x2), Sarleon Footman, Sarleon Longbowman, Ravenstern Warden, Ravenstern Man-at-Arms, Ravenstern Footman, Prison Guard, Castle Guard, D'Shar Noble Raider, D'Shar Noble Cavalry, D'Shar Warrior, D'Shar Spearman, D'Shar Veteran Spearman, D'Shar Dervish, D'Shar Dervish Raider, D'Shar Deserter, Prison Guard, Castle Guard, D'Shar Djaha Archer, Fierdsvain Warrior, Fierdsvain Light Infantry, Fierdsvain Noblewoman, Fierdsvain Sword Maiden, Empire Crossbowman (x2), Empire Pikeman (x2), Empire Deserter, Prison Guard, Castle Guard, Red Brotherhood Guildsman (x2), Notorious Outlaw, Vanskerry Marauder, Vanskerry Warrior, Vanskerry Jarl, Queen Agnus Freebooter, Singalian Horseman, Singalian Temptress, Singalian Vidona, Vanskerry Battle Leader, Singalian Vidona, Vanskerry Leader, Snowlion Footman, Kaverra, Count Bogdan, Caliph Bahman, Haji Nabi Bey, Faridar Khan, Lord Schaday, Jandras Khan, Ardeshir Khan, Livius Dux, Firuz the Brazen
Modding information
Item ID: itm_splinted_leather_greaves
Mesh name: leather_greaves_a
Material: leather_greaves_a
Weight: 3.00
Leg armor: 22
Abundance: 100
Trading details
Base price: 250 denars
Merchandise: Yes
Strength: 0
Modifier information
Available: rusty, battered, crude, old, thick, reinforced, superb, lordly

Modifier stats Edit

Rusty 19 0 138d
Battered 20 0 188d
Crude 21 0 208d
Old 22 0 215d
Thick 24 0 650d
Reinforced 26 0 1625d
Superb 22 0 625d
Lordly 28 0 2875d

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