Splinted greaves a
General information
Name: Splinted Greaves
Type: Footwear
PoP version: v3.7063
Faction/Order: No Faction
(It can be in the inventory)
Mercenary Armored Crossbowman, Singalian Spearman (x2), Young Fierdsvain Noble, Adventurer, Veccavi Man Hunter, Ravenstern Warden, Ravenstern Man-at-Arms, D'Shar Warrior, D'Shar Veteran Spearman, D'Shar Bladesman, D'Shar Scorpion Assassin, D'Shar Blademaster, Fierdsvain Axeman, Fierdsvain Warrior, Fierdsvain Huscarl, Fierdsvain Armored Axeman, Valkyrie, Empire Pikeman (x2), Empire Horseman (x2), D'Shar Outlaw Chieftain, D'Shar Deathwind Savaran, Young D'Shar Noble Adventurer, Young Fierdsvain Adventurer, Young Ravenstern Adventurer, Rogue D'Shar Noble Squire, Rogue Fierdsvain Squire, Rogue Ravenstern Squire, Veccavia Royal Archer, Veccavia Horse, Red Fletcher Longbowman, D'Shar Windrider (x2), Lady Valkyrie, Fallen Veteran, Fallen Warrior, Heretic Invoker (x2), Eventide Ghilman, Ediz, Kadan Bahadur Khan, Baron Godric, Lord Montewar, Mansour Bey, Kaivan Khan, Zahir Khan, Amin Jan Khan, Lord Inar Hairybreeks, Emir Xerxes
Modding information
Item ID: itm_splinted_greaves
Mesh name: splinted_greaves_a
Material: splinted_greaves_a
Weight: 3.50
Leg armor: 28
Abundance: 100
Trading details
Base price: 482 denars
Merchandise: Yes
Strength: 7
Modifier information
Available: rusty, battered, crude, old, thick, reinforced, superb, lordly

Modifier stats Edit

Rusty 25 7 265d
Battered 26 7 362d
Crude 27 7 400d
Old 28 7 415d
Thick 30 7 1253d
Reinforced 32 7 3133d
Superb 28 7 1205d
Lordly 34 7 5543d

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