Pendor has many spawns, going from huge armies to small patrols, that will spawn and interact with kingdoms, most often harassing them, whilst those kingdoms fight eachother as well. In this page, Unique Spawns, Generic Spawns, Outlawed Companies, Mercenary Companies and Warbands will be all mentioned. To see numbers or more info and with further detail about any, check their pages (in the case of armies, to their faction page).

Unique Spawns

Unique Spawns are armies that tend to be even more powerful than the generic spawns of the minor factions. They might fight eachother if their respective factions are enemies, they also attack lords, caravans and villagers of the five major factions, and sometimes, even sack cities. Sometimes a kingdom brings in a Marshal and this one will gather most lords of a kingdom to fight one of these spawns, and sometimes even lose. Unique spawns are not to be taken lightly; bring your best men, horses, and tools of war.

You may or may not be able to capture a particular unique spawn when you defeat it. If you successfully capture them, you have several options:

  • Ransom them for a large pouch of Diamonds (Jatu lords do give a small CKO unlock on this option as a bonus)
  • Ransom them for a Qualis Gems
  • Tell them to leave Pendor forever - (won't return) - if used with these 3, they'll reward you with something unique; Aeldarian with his unique bow, Duskfall; Ithilrandir with his unique 1h/2h sword, Havathang; Maltise with her Supreme Asp Set (Supreme Asp Armor, Supreme Asp Helm, Asp Greaves, Asp Gauntlets and Asp Shield) - Secondary effect: player gains 3 honor and 5 renown
    • Since 3.9: Aeldarian and Ithilrandir have each 2 of these options. One gives their unique weapon (mentioned above) and the other gives the player their Mystical Rune Plate. This option will also make them not come back again, meaning the player has to choose to either have take their unique weapon or the armor (it is suggested you do the CKO unlock before doing any of these choices)
  • Kill them - (won't return) - Secondary effect: player loses 5 honor and 5 renown
  • (only some, these are listed with a "Yes" in the table below) Exchange secrets of producing their unique equipment (for your CKO) for freedom - (chance they'll return)

Note that the leaders of the unique spawn armies must have at least 15 hp in order to appear on the battlefield, if they don't fight, they can't be captured. Check their health before engaging.

The capture chance relies on your Prisoner Management skill level, increasing by 5% per level, from 40% at 0, up to a max of 90% capture chance at 10. Investing points in this skill is highly worthwhile.

You can't capture a Unique spawn of a minor faction you're friendly with (positive relations). You can still attack them or by join battle against them. So if you're friendly with Adventurer Companies for example, that'll automatically exclude the possibility of capturing Oswald De Fleur, Meregan Kierlic and Kodan Ironsword

You can capture a unique spawn when two or more of them fight each other, except when against Noldor lords, the defeated one always escapes.

All unique spawns except the Noldor lords, Verante Kruus and Rasmus Devatica must be defeated to win the game.

Unique Spawns
Unique Spawn
Faction they belong to
Unlocks CKO equipment?
K'Juda the Ravager Jatu As bonus with Diamonds
Warlord Zulkar Jatu As bonus with Diamonds
Wolfbode the Slayer Mystmountain Tribes No
Maltise-Dread Legion Snake Cult Yes
Aeldarian Noldor Yes
Ithilrandir Noldor Yes
Burilgi the Usurper Singalians Yes
Alaric von Brouhaha Peasant Revolt Yes
Sheik Shalavan Rogue Knights No
Syla Uzas Rogue Knights No
Sir Boris the Raven Rogue Knights No
Meregan Kierlic (Griffonsword Adventure Company) Adventurer Companies No
Kodan Ironsword Adventurer Companies No
Oswald de Fleur Adventurer Companies No
Sebastokrator Kaspax Melitine No
Rufio Vincente de Villaviciosia Outlaws No
Obrist Heynrich Mettenheim Yes
Verante Kruus Veccavia No
Holy Inquisitor Rasmus Devatica Inquisition Yes

To check which CKO unlocks these do give, check Custom Knighthood Order Unlockable Equipment.

Generic Spawns

Generic Spawns are large armies of the minor factions. They are overall slightly weaker than the Unique Spawns, but the main difference is that Generic Spawns don't have a leader or it can't be captured. Any army in the list below will periodically spawn patrols nearby until the army is defeated. These include:

Invading Armies
Army name
Faction they belong to
Special Reward?
Jatu Army Jatu 1 Noldor Trade Goods +
1 Small Pouch of Diamonds/Gold Bar (50/50)
Mystmountain Army Mystmountain Raiders 1 Various Loot +
1 Small Pouch of Diamonds/Gold Bar (50/50)
Vanskerry Army Vanskerries 1 Various Loot +
1 Small Pouch of Diamonds/Gold Bar (50/50)
Heretic Army Heretics 2 Heretic Writings
Inquisition Army Inquisition 1 Heretic Writings +
1 Snake Cult Rituals
Snake Cult Army Snake Cult 2 Snake Cult Rituals
Peasant Revolt Rebel Peasants 2 Various Loot
Eyegrim the Devourer Heretics (1)
The Three Seers Heretics (1)

(1): Upon defeating the army, a capture roll will be done (calculated in the same way as for unique spawns),

All generic armies except the Inquisition Armies and Peasant Revolt must be defeated to win the game.

Outlawed Companies

Smaller than generic armies and unique spawns. Outlawed Companies are companies that may either spawn on their own as an independent company or will betray their faction if a monarch hires them. These do not have a leader, thus they are leaded by the elite troops within the company.

Outlawed Companies
Faction they belong to
Hireable by
Conquitadores de Aventura Barclay Koningur Valdis / Marius Imperator
Mercenary Company Adventurer Companies King Ulric / King Gregory IV / Marius Imperator
Mettenheim Expeditionary Force Mettenheim King Ulric
Freikorps Mettenheim Mettenheim Kadan Bahadur Khan / Koningur Valdis
Melitine Scouting Force Melitine Empire only may spawn as an independent company
Jatu Mercenaries Jatu Kadan Bahadur Khan / Koningur Valdis / Marius Imperator
Vanskerry Leiesoldat Vanskerries King Gregory IV / Kadan Bahadur Khan / Koningur Valdis
Daughters of Perisnoe Veccavia only may spawn as an independent company
Singalians Sellsword Company Singalians only may spawn as an independent company
Singalian Slavers Singalians Kadan Bahadur Khan

Mercenary Companies

Mercenary Companies are smaller than generic armies that can be hired by by the player when he becomes a monarch. Some can be hired by other monarchs as well. Player is the only monarch that can hire any of these, providing he meets the right to rule and other requirements. Mercenary Companies' leaders cannot be captured.

Every company has its small lore, which will be briefly told about when hiring the company and talking to them for the first time. Some more can be known in some upon dismissing the company. To know more about these dialogues, go to the pages of the Leaders of these companies.

To find the composition and number of these companies, go to the pages of the companies.

Mercenary Companies
Minimum right to rule
Hireable by
The Freybrueder Kapitan Gerhart 60 All monarchs
Primera Guardia Real Velasco Perfecta Banderas Durante 60 All monarchs
The Veccavian Renegades Toblik 30 All monarchs
Sir Timothy's Knights Sir Timothy 45 Player / King Ulric / King Gregory IV
1st Banneret of Marleons Grandilon 45 Player(1) / King Ulric
The Sarno Expedition Lydia of Sarno 60 All monarchs
Snowlion Brigade Sir Morcas VII, Baron Verral 45 Player(2) / King Ulric
Firuz and his Singalian Slavers Firuz the Brazen 30 Player / Kadan Bahadur Khan
The Free Company Jarryn Maersow 0 All monarchs
Chosen of Indar Shiruzah of the Hallowed Arrow 30 Player / Kadan Bahadur Khan / Koningur Valdis / Marius Imperator
Lothario's Brotherhood Lothario 0 Player

1Also requires positive relations with Duke Aelfwine and not at war with Sarleon or friendly ownership of Marleons
2Also requires war vs Ravenstern or Ravenstern defeated

Hiring a Company

Monarchs can hire a company that will follow them and support them in battles. Every monarch is limited to having at most one company at a time supporting them. Monarchs have a preset list of options, these including some Mercenary Companies, some Outlawed Companies and even some Unique Spawns (options differ depending on the monarch).

The player can hire a company if he becomes monarch, but he has access only to all Mercenary Companies. Most of these do have an extra requirement that has to be met in order to be able to hire the company. The player has to pay the wages of this company, as well as pay an initial 15,000 denars to hire the company. If the company gets destroyed or dismissed by the player, that company will have a 2 weeks cooldown, in which the player won't be able to hire it.

The player can give 3 orders to his mercenary company, "Follow me", "Go to..." and "Patrol around". The first is very straight forward, it'll make the mercenary company follow you (warning, normally they'll be slower, so player should wait them if planning to engage in a decisive battle). The second will allow the player to send the company to a walled fief of the kingdom. Very useful for siege defense and for getting the prisoners they have to your fief, where you can get them and sell those freely). The last one will get them to patrol around any nearby fief (no matter the faction it belongs to), and he will chase any foes that get close to that fief.

Telling the company to follow you will make them follow you fearlessly (not like lords, that may be scared and run away if they see a stronger foe). However, the other two options won't, they have a "smart" behavior, they will avoid and run away from any foe that's stronger than them, meaning that if you tell your company to defend a city that's being sieged, unless the company is stronger, the company will not be able to reach the city. So you have to send them in to the city before the siege starts or you have to help them reach the city.

Companies hired will no longer belong to their original faction, but to the faction of the monarch that hired them, meaning supporting or attacking these companies will only affect your relation with the monarch's faction. If a monarch hires an unique spawn, the player can still capture its leader.

A monarch can't hire a company / unique spawn that is already in Pendor.


Warbands are the parties that are between Generic Armies and Patrols in terms of strength and numbers. Few minor factions have, these being: