Snake Cult Stronghold2

One of the stronghold's possible locations

The Snake Cult Stronghold is a secret location in Pendor. After the Grandmaster quest for a knighthood order is completed, it becomes the Order Stronghold.  

Unlocking Edit

The stronghold does not spawn until the quest The Order Grandmaster. Once you find a brave traveler willing enough to disclose the location during the quest, the stronghold will spawn. There are five possible spawn locations; the stronghold will appear in the closest one to where you received the quest. The quest will tell you the general location. The posible locations are: 


Before you capture the Stronghold for your Order, the garrison contains 1000 Snake Cultists and 10 Knight of the Radiant Cross prisoners:

Beware when assaulting the fortress, for retreating will count as a defeat, causing you to lose your entire party. After you capture the keep, the Garrison changes to 330 friendly troops and 20 Snake Cult Follower prisoners:

  • 50 Order Knights
  • 80 Order Sergeants
  • 100 Mercenary Armored Crossbowman
  • 100 Mercenary Swordsman
Snake Cult Stronghold3

After the Snake Cult is defeated

When you capture the stronghold from the Snake Cult, you are informed from the order representative that masons will fortify the stronghold more to the order's liking. After a considerable amount of time (two in game months), the masons will complete their work, and the stronghold will be refurbished into a castle; no longer resembling a wooden fort. The wooden palisade walls will be converted to stonework, as well as all the entrances and towers. The keep will receive the most fortification, as the walls surrounding it are all heavily fortified and is surmounted by towers.



From left to right: Quartermaster Kailin, Alexios of Meltine, and Constable Valorian

If you do manage to capture the castle, the order will take the stronghold as their own. Inside will be Constable Valorian, Alexios of Meltine, and Quartermaster Kailin.

Constable Valorian will grant you the ability to send order patrols and change the name of the fortress. Only three patrols can be on the field at any one time.

Alexios of Meltine will take a piece of armor and upgrade its quality.

  • Poor Quality (i.e. Old, Rough) becomes Normal Quality after 20 days
  • Normal Quality/Good Quality (i.e. Thick) becomes Reinforced after 30 days
  • Reinforced becomes Lordly after 50 days
  • Body Armor adds 30 days to all upgrade times

Quartermaster Kailin will sell a huge range and quantity of food to you. Good for feasts and sieges.

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