Snake Cult Armsman

Should the followers prove devoted enough, the Snake Cult will grant their soldiers with more powerful weapons and armor. Now armored with a breastplate, clearly emblazoned with a serpent, they prove a terrifying sight for unseasoned warriors. Their armories have allowed them to arm themselves with bardiches, scythes, spears and hammers. Although some arm themselves with a shield, the vast majority choose to remain vulnerable to ranged fire. All of them also wield a Heavy Crossbow. Although not as powerful as a Siege Crossbow, they still use the arbalest with decent accuracy. However, as compared to the Empire's sharpshooters, their skill is not as good, and they spend a longer time reloading their crossbows. When it comes to close combat, their two handed weapons can easily crush shields and slice through light armor and even dent plate armors of the heavy knights.

If they outnumber their enemies, the Armsmen can easily decimate foes. It is advised to get heavy or fast soldiers armed with shields to take them down. Decently armored and fast cavalry will also wipe them out. However, sending inexperienced or lightly armored soldiers without shields to attack them is suicide, due largely to the Armsmen's superior weapons.

They can be recruited, either by being rescued from prisoner stacks or upgraded from Snake Cult Followers.

They further can be upgraded to Cobra Warriors.