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An evil cult threatening to corrupt the Empire and indeed all of Pendor, the Snake Cult tends to reside entirely within the Empire. Their corrupting influence could be considered the main evil Pendor must rally against.

This terrifying cult consists of individuals who worship the horrifying god Azi Dahaka. They practice human sacrifice and often dress and arm themselves with snake-inspired armor. To make matter worse, it has been rumored that some of the Empire nobles are devoted worshippers of the cult.


Snake Cult Followers are a pathetic unit on par with peasantry, dangerous only by their large numbers. Far more dangerous are the equally numerous Snake Cult Armsmen, who pack crossbows and polearms. Though not very skilled, their comparatively good equipment can make them a threat to cavalry and isolated units. Followers upgrade into Armsmen, who can then upgrade into Cobra Warriors, heavily armored horsemen who repeat the Armsmen's trend of having good equipment but poor training. Their most powerful cavalry are Anaconda Knights, inhuman warriors with skills and equipment on par with most knights of Pendor.

You will also encounter Serpent Priestesses leading most Snake Cult patrols. As well as Anaconda Knights, these Priestesses cannot be captured or recruited; even if the final blow was by a blunt weapon, they will still be killed. They are generally not a large threat, but should be dealt with quickly.


Snake Cult Armies introduce the inhuman Anaconda Knights, who are much more well-trained and equipped than Cobra Warriors. They are a match for any heavy cavalry you bring to the field.

Snake Cult Armies generally have 800-900 men.

Although these armies are not terribly difficult for a better-trained force, the unique spawn of the Snake Cult, the Dread Legion, is one of the most dangerous armies to invade Pendor.

Both the Snake Cult Armies and the Dread Legion will spawn in The Empire and sometimes will sack their cities.


  • It is rumored that Serpent Priestesses are fed snake venom in baby bottles when they were infants. This may explain the fatal kiss of the Priestesses.

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