This is one of the hireable mercenary companies. 10,000 denars have to be paid to hire the company. This army is led by Sir Timothy and consists of:

This company holds Knights of the Unicorn which is an unique heavy cavalry troop only to be found led by Sir Timothy. The company is considered good all thanks to the Knights, the rest of the troops are low tiers and don't offer much in the battlefield, but they do add up in autocalc value.

This company has no special requirements to be hired.

This company may be hired by King Ulric and King Gregory IV. The player can't hire this company if any of these two have this company with them.

Note: Since 3.9:

  • To be hired, they now require the player to have at least 45 Right to rule.
  • The company was buffed, the number of rangers and maiden warriors were lowered, but the numbers of Knights of the Unicorn were doubled, now the company holds (changed numbers in bold):