The only Paladin of Pendor, who was orphaned by Snake Cultists in his youth. He went to Barclay and became a Knight of the Dawn. He excelled at all forms of combat and at his knightly duties, so much so that the Order promoted him to Paladin. He is sworn to poverty and personal chastity and his order provides his equipment. Despite his priggish manners, he is deeply concerned about justice and wants to strike the last blow against injustice in Pendor, so that his Goddess Astraea will return to dwell on earth. He hates members of the Snake Cult and wants to slay every one he can find, including former members such as Alyssa. He is also at odds with the Knights of Eventide, of which Sir Alistair is a member of. He, however, likes and respects Kaverra. He will join you for 8000 denars.

Should you choose to make him into a vassal, he will field Knights of the Dawn and Dawn Wyverns.

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