Sir Rayne is a possible companion and one of the last extant Knights of the Order of the Falcon. He apparently hails from or  around the city of Rane, as he was apparently named for the home of his order by his father. At the time of the player's adventures, he is seeking to earn himself a living under a suitable commander and seeks to revive his unjustly outlawed order. As far as knights go, he's an excellent addition to a more honorable party, being a solid cavalryman and being decently armed and armored enough to fight in a battle head on and shows decent enough competancy on foot as well should he be dehorsed or fight in a seige. Those who prefer Sir Alistair to Sir Jocelyn and Sir Roland will also find him useful, as he has no quarrel with the Eventide knight. He starts with a falcon war horse, order shield, lance, and a ravenstern sword, and is required in your party to revive his order. If made a vassal, Knights of the Falcon and Falcon Talons will appear in his party.

He is rather stuck up and priggish (likely a result of his upbringing and station as an order knight) and goes on forever about his knightly exploits and honor, but he is not really such a bad sort to most.

He deplores Boadice, who often makes crude remarks about him and doubts his position as a knight and is at odds with Frederick, who often does the same, especially when Sir Rayne makes any mention about using lighter weaponry because of his age. It makes him very nervous when Kaverra eyes a certain part of his anatomy and pats her Manopener, but mercifully the two have no open quarrel and he is likely just one of many that is made nervous by her love of that weapon. He seems to like Ansen and would like to mentor him, but is too snobbish to mentor a merchant's son. He definitely sees eye-to-eye with Ediz, as both seem to have a similar code of honor and the two appear to become fast friends should they serve alongside eachother.