A well known general and an enemy of The Kingdom of Ravenstern. He and his company, the Snowlion Brigade can be hired by be hired by the player when becoming a ruler or any other Kingdom ruler. The only way they can be unlocked to hire is by being at war with The Kingdom of Ravenstern or having The Kingdom of Ravenstern, so King Gregory IV can't hire this mercenary group.

He rides a IronBred Stallion, and is equipped with a Sarleon Knight Longsword and a Long Knight lance and a kite shield.


Lvl: 40. Str : 24. Int : 12. Agi: 15. Cha: 15. HP: 73

1H : 340

2H : 340

Pole : 340

Archery : 340

Crossbows: 340

Throwing : 340


Ironflesh : 7

Power strike : 6

Power throw : 6

Power draw : 6

Shield : 5

Athletics : 6

Riding : 5

Horse Archery : 7

Tactics : 6

Path-finding : 4

Spotting : 3

Stats in italics are not used nor affect the hero.

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