Sir Jocelyn was once a knight of the Eventide order but turned rogue once he realized the depths of its depravity. Now hunted by his former compatriots he seeks to join a noble company of soldiers for protection and to fight the Eventide knights. While he is one of the more expensive companions to hire, he is arguably the best. Jocelyn can make warriors from rabble and heroes from warriors due to his high level and training skill. Since his training also effects the main character it makes leveling up much easier, especially at the start. His combat skills are not to be overlooked either as he comes with good armor and impressive proficiencies in fighting. He is therefore well worth his 5000 denar recruitment cost.  

He dislikes Diev Wodenssen because of his disreputable past as a poacher. He also hates Sir Alistair because he is an Eventide knight tasked with hunting him down. On the other hand, he likes Boadice.

If you make him a lord, he will wield a full array of Sarleon troops. Knights of the Lion can sometimes be seen in his party.

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