Sir Boris the Raven

Sir Boris the Raven of the Knights of the Raven Spear is an arrogant and extremely vain man. He has forgotten his order's duty to the defense of scholars and knowledge and now seeks only conquest with those that he has convinced to follow him. Indeed, Boris believes that he is the hero prophesied by Madigan to rule all Pendor.

Sir Boris, while arrogant, is also an extremely cunning tactican and strategist. He is extremely resourceful, and is widely feared by the Ravenstern lords, as he is capable of milking them of their treasury should they be unlucky enough to be captured by him. There is also no doubt that he has slept with plenty of noble Ravenstern ladies in exchange for the lord's freedom. He regards the player as a bore, and may consider hiring the player's company when he conquers Pendor.

Sir Boris the Raven can be captured. His army generally numbers 120-180 men, and consists of the following:

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