Sir Alistair

Hailing from Barclay, Sir Alistair is the younger son of High Lord Ferenc the Noxious. Back in his homeland, he greatly enjoyed and made extensive use of local customs, like "Jus Primae Noctis" and the torturing of prisoners as a form of entertainment during feasts. He makes no secret of his desire to implement such customs in Pendor, given the opportunity.

Most probably due to his eagerness to nurture his base desires, he eventually joined the Order of Eventide where, unlike his fellow knight, Sir Jocelyn, he found his rightful place among the murderous followers of Erida Occisor.

When the Eventide came to Pendor, Sir Alistair was detached from the main body of knights with the mission of either bringing the runaway Sir Jocelyn back to the fold or killing him. He was also tasked with spreading the teachings of the Eventide and hunt down members of the rival order, the Knights of the Dawn, while at large.

To accomplish both these tasks, Sir Alistair seeks employment with a competent Mercenary Captain. He is extremely confident of his fighting skills as a means to guarantee such employment, and will fully indulge his arrogance and abrasive manners while under arms, prompting one prospective captain to declare that he couldn't stomach being around the knight for more than five minutes.

Nevertheless, once employed, Sir Alistair will prove to be a competent, if insufferable, knight, constantly dropping snide remarks in conversation, thinly disguised as jokes and wit, but designed to bring the rest of the company to the Eventide way of thinking. However, he will not tolerate being under the employment of an overly virtuous captain, especially one who favours Sir Roland and Sir Jocelyn, and will make himself scarce before long.

On the other hand, if indulged and kept content, he might consent to bring the support of members of his order to his commander's claim to kingship and, if made a lord of the fledgling kingdom, will bring the power of the Eventide to bear against those who would oppose it.

He can be hired for 5000 denars. He is a noble with a Martial personality, so it is recommended to make him vassal. If made vassal, he will field Pendor troops with some Order of Eventide troops.

He holds a rivalry with Sir Jocelyn and Sir Roland, whilst he is friendly towards Alyssa.

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