The Singalians are nomadic slavers who still live in tribes. They openly and brazenly kidnap people off the streets of Singal and villages with little law enforcement, to sell as slaves. They also attack caravans for slaves and loot. They maintain their headquarter in Singal, coordinating their forces to keep up with the ever increasing demand for slaves.

The Singalians have a code of honor, death before retreat. However, that does not mean that they are suicidal, as they won't give their lives for someone they perceive as unfit to die for. However, should their commander flee in battle, all those under his or her command will lose their honor as well.

When the player arrives in Pendor, the Singalians will try to take him/her prisoner if possible, and are very hostile to the player. You start with -50 relation with them, and it can be a long grind to get into the positive with them.

Importantly, Singalians will side with D'Shar lord should a battle occur.


Their troops are made up of light horsemen and infantry. Leading the bands of slavers are the female Singalian Temptresses , supported by the male Singalian Horsemen . Both of these troops are mounted archers, and they excel in the wide open desert of the D'Shar territory. They are also supported by the Singalian Spearmen , who specialise in halting cavalry. The spearmen also fare decently against infantry.

They may roam around the desert and sometimes even into the outskirts of Empire and Sarleon lands. They may spawn as small party of slavers with roughly 50 troops, although they may sometimes spawn a warband with around 200 troops.

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