Singalian Spearman

A common sight around Singal and in taverns across Pendor, Singalian Spearmen are likely the basic footmen of the Singalian Slavers. Armed entirely with polearms, these men can be a very cheap countermeasure to most lighter cavalry, using the impressive reach, and high damage of their weapons to chop the horses out from under their enemies and pummel them into submission. They are far more easily identified among the various mercenaries available thanks to their vibrantly colored armor.

Though these units may seem very unskilled on paper, one should be very cautious, especially of charging their cavalry into them as their powerful weapons more than make up for their poor proficiencies. They are however, easily defeated by even a small number of archers.

They are equipped with a choice of either the Sothern Glaive, Desert Glaive or Poleaxe. For armor, they wear the very light, but decently protective Singalian Black Studded Leather with Splinted Greaves, Dark Leather Gloves and Iron Sallet.

While a suitable anti-cavalry unit and a somewhat cost effective means to plug holes in one's forces, one shouldn't rely too heavily on these men.

They can be seen in the Singalian Sellsword Company (50-100), Singalian Slavers (10-50), Firuz and his Singalian Slavers (120-240) and Burilgi the Usurper (100-200)

This troop is the basic troop of Singalians and upgrades to Singalian Horseman for 80 d.