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The city of Singal is situated in the north of the D'Shar Principalities. It is originally the seat of power of Caliph Tahir. The city lies on the edge of D'Shar territory, with a lake followed by some montains separating it from The Kingdom of Sarleon at the top and being protected on the west by Sange Safid castle from The Fierdsvain.

Its villages are Yasin and Chelez.

Singal is home to the Knights of Eventide, a grim and mysterious splinter faction of the Knights of the Dawn. Brutal mounted warriors rumored to be tainted by the heretical cult of Erida Occisor and practitioners of her vile religion. They are the arch rivals of the Knights of the Dawn, both of whom believe that the other is wicked and unjust.

This city holds a special NPC (like Laria has Quigfen) called Ramun, the slave trader. He can always be found in Singal's tavern, and previously used to buy any prisoner for 50 dennars, but now just acts like a normal slave buyer.


Singal seen from the top.


The main exports of Singal (as the townsfolk will tell you) are Bread, Ale, Wine, Leatherworks, Tools, Wool Cloth, Pottery, Oil and Salt. Unofficially however another of Singal's major exports is Slaves, bought and sold freely in the markets on the city.

Surrounding LandsEdit

The city itself comes with no added fiefs, however there are a large number of villages surrounding the city: Derakhte Ghermez just to the north-west, Yasin just to the south-west, Tulbuck to the south-east, Gazin to the south-west and Miandan to the south-west, across the lake.

The city is situated in a well defended position, not only naturally, but also by the four castles surrounding the city: Shadi Shahid to the north-west, Sange Safid far to the south-west across the lake, Muqaddas Pani to the south and Tuldar Fortress to the south-east, just beyond the mountains. The plains to the south and south-east are fairly wide open between Singal, Torbah and Ishkoman.


Samaja Pradha Amdalar

Samaja Pradha Amdalar.

The Guildmaster of Singal is Samaja Pradha Amdalar.

He can be found to the far right hand side of the square as you enter the city gates, on the left hand side of the street to the right of the shop.

People of InterestEdit

  • Shanaz Bibi - The wife of Caliph Tahir. She can be found inside the castle, across the square from the city gates and through the two sets of gates directly ahead.
  • Malik Nalin - Castle Seneschal. Found in the same area as Shanaz Bibi, up the stairs in the right hand corner of the room, on the balcony.
  • Morris - Tavern Keeper. His tavern can be found through the gates on the left hand corner of the square from the city gates, in the left hand corner of the following street.
  • Orisa one-hand - Horse Merchant. Found down the street to the right of the city gates in the right hand corner at the end of the street.
  • Hanos the Axebiter - Arms Merchant. You will find him directly across the square from the city gates, just to the left before the gates to the castle.
  • Nan the Grinder - Armour Merchant. Found down the street to the right hand side of the city gates at the end of the street in the left hand corner, next to Orisa one-hand.
  • Bish of Laria - Goods Merchant. You will find his shop straight across the square from the city gates, just to the right hand side of the castle gates.
  • Lorus - Arena Master. Found on the platform overlooking the arena. The entrance is through the gates directly across the square from the city gates, on the far left hand side.


Singal Arena

Singal Arena.

Tournaments in Singal are an even mix of melee and ranged combat, with all combatants oufitted with any of the following armaments: Javelins, Bows, Shields, Lances, One Handed Swords, Clubs and (the lucky few) Horses. Some combatants will spawn with horses and some without, though as always its probably in your best interests to gain a horse at the first opportunity to increase your chances of surviving. Singal's tournaments will be found to be easy to some, difficult to others. Those that are armed with ranged weaponary may be found to be at a disadvantage due to the presence of foes with Swords, Lances and Shields. A skillful tactic to use would be to eliminate your opponents horses to allow you to fire upon your foes without the threat of fast pursuit. To those with melee weapons it is a far more simple affair, get in close as fast as possible to those with ranged weaponary and always keep your shield up to provide cover from ranged attacks. It is also worth noting that Singal plays home to the Knights of Eventide and thus tournaments may be a degree more difficult if these skilled warriors choose to compete.

Victory in the tournaments of Singal should not be exceptionally difficult to achieve, as long as mobility is always maintained by those with ranged weapons and melee combatants make good use of their shields to provide strong cover whilst moving in for the killing blow.

A point of interest...

The tournaments held in Singal are identical to the tournaments held in Ishkoman. Any tactical advice in the above section will also apply to tournaments in Ishkoman.


Any siege attempt made against Singal must not be a
Singal Siege - Attacker

View from attacker's starting position.

descision made lightly. A city of thieves, murderers and slave traders it may be, but a well defended one at that. The garrison left behind by the ruling lord, albeit corrupt and uncaring, will be a large one indeed, comprised of fairly seasoned veterans. The attacking force begin in a wide open area with no natural cover, and thus will immediately come under heavy fire from enemy ranged units. Any troops without shields will suffer badly at this early stage, so it is strongly advised that you make for the cover of the wall
Singal Siege - Defender

A view along the wall from the right hand side.

as soon as possible. A row of embedded, sharpened wooden stakes will hinder your advance towards the ladder, though a sizable gap in the stakes does exist, allowing your troops to pass through reasonably quickly. Once at the walls the attackers must then make their advance up a single narrow ladder to be met with fierce resistance at the narrow gap in the wall's crenellations above. Unless the strongest of your troops were the first up the ladder then gaining a foothold may be difficult and time consuming. The defenders will have a far easier time in this battle,
Singal Siege - Defender 2

View from atop one of the towers flanking the ladder.

due to a few distinct advantages bestowed upon them. There are two towers flanking either side of the siege ladder, providing an excellent place for ranged troops to strike at the exposed flanks of their assailants on the ladder. The wall on the left handside juts out at an angle, allowing any troops upon it to have a clear view of not only the ladder but of the entire battlefield below, thus providing an excellent place for ranged troops to rain death upon their enemies from on high. Overall a reasonably easy city to defend, and a considerably difficult city to attack. Any attacking force
Singal Siege - Defender 3

Looking down the ladders from the walltop.

must ensure that many veteran soldiers are among its ranks, and in large numbers, and be prepared to take heavy casualties whilst gaining a foothold upon the wall.

A point of interest...

Singal shares the exact same wall assault scene as Nal Tar, with perhaps a few slight differences. The tactical analysis found here on besieging Singal will also apply to Nal Tar.

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