Pendor is plagued by all sorts of evil. Banditry and unholy cults terrorise the populace and the lords of the realm instead of defending their people add to their hardship with their constant warring. Food is scarce and life unsure. Now more then ever do the peasants recall the Prophecy of Madigan. Now more then ever are they in need of a hero.

In the village of Vezin a young charismatic man, born barely twenty one years ago, and a headstrong woman of the same age decide after many a night reflecting on the state of the world that they will no longer tolerate the raids of Vanskerry barbarians and Mystmountain savages. No more will they plow fields and grow crops only to have them burned or taken by foreign armies. Together they decide to gather whomever is willing and set out to resist these threats and to protect those who can not defend themselves.

Whether it was luck, fate or sheer tenacity no one can say but the couple and their small group of volunteers achieved a number of significant victories on the raiders around their village and it was not long before their group grew in both strength and numbers. People from all over the realm came to join these two people and their fight for the common folk and raiders came to fear these proud men and women who had slain increasingly impressive numbers of their kind. They wore white and called themselves "The Common Knights".

By now whispers could be heard calling this man who had rallied this group: "The Hero of Madigan". But unlike most romantic stories this one was not meant to last. The woman, whose name is long forgotten, was slain in single combat by a Vanskerry Jarl. The man never was the same, for only now he understood that he had not fought for the common people. He had fought for a life of peace. But fighting brings nothing but death. And so it was that the man who's name was Sigismund Sinclair forgot about his ideals, forgot about the common folk and forgot about the woman he once loved. But he did not forget about the killing he had done. It was all he knew. Had he now become nothing more than the monsters he had hunted for all those years?

Folklore has it that he still roams the lands, killing whomever fits his now twisted view of evil. Wearing black, not white.


He likes Sara the Fox.

He dislikes Donavan and Adonja.

He will hire on with you for 4000 denars.

He is a commoner, making him lord will result on him recruiting  Fierdsvain troops.

When hired, he is equipped with a Siege Crossbow as well as siege bolts and steel bolts, a Pendor Great Sword, high tier armour: Ebony Platemail (2 head armor, 60 body armor and 19 leg armor, ebony greaves (37 leg armor) and black hourglass gaunlets (7 body armor).

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