Sheriff 3.9

Men tasked with enforcing law and order on the roads when their lords are otherwise occupied, be it with wars, tournaments or other matters. They are militia men of experience, familiar with violence and well versed in leading the boys from their villages, cleaning up the roads to and from the cities. They all seem to have a policy of leading from the front, which Means that they are often the first to fall among in a patrol, and their assistants, the Wardens, have to pick up the slack.

Overall, they are exceptional in their role of crime control, having decent enough armor, a Hunter and some combination of sword, mace, maul, and shield (many opt out for the shield and mauls seem to be preferred).

0-1 of them can be seen leading the Militia Patrols.

This troop is upgraded from Warden for 80 d and upgrades no more.

Note: Since 3.9.0:

  • His proficiencies raised from 185 to 225
  • His equipment was heavily improved, both defensive and offensive wise
  • Hunter was replaced for a variety of horses (4), he was given several armor sets to add variation between sheriffs
  • Their wide variety of weapons was removed. Will always be equipped with 2 blunt damage items, Blunt Tip Lance and Cavalry Mace