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Shadow Legion Marinus are troops specifically trained by the Centurions for various reasons. They were trained to ensure that some form of the traditions of the Old Empire remained, as the Centurions believed that the traditions should be endured by the Empire. The Marinus, or marines are the only remnants of the soldiers that sailed to Pendor.

The Shadow Legion Marinus are essentially a superior Armored Pikemen with some minor differences. Their armor trades slightly less protection for more mobility, being lighter than the typical Pikeman armor, which is offset by their extra health. They wield the Empire Halberd and Broadhead throwing spears, giving them more firepower than the Armored Pikemen.

Under the training of the elite Shadow Centurions, these marines are rather powerful soldiers, more so than the rank-and-file Empire infantry. Their loadout grants them extremely powerful resistance against any form of calvary. Their spears and halberds have no problem eliminating any danger posed by cavalry. However, skirmishing tactics employed by horse archers can easily destroy their cohesion and thus, they still need to rely on the Centurions to assist them against such threats.


Armor: Yes Horse: No Helmet: Yes

Shield: No Gloves: Yes

Boots: Yes Ranged: Maybe

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