Shadow Legion Centurion Stats

The Shadow Legion are among the few that still follow the ways of the Old Empire and therefore are not on the best terms with Marius Imperator and the Order of the Radiant Cross.

The Shadow Legion Centurions are among the finest Heavy Cavalry in Pendor that the player can acquire.

Sporting the mighty, and rare, Ironbred Stallion that they have been trained in use of, they wield their Empire Broadswords, Long Knight Lances, and even Broadhead Throwing Spears with ease; de-horsing some in Cavalry dogfights with them. When dismounted, they are not to be trifled with, as they still wear heavy armour and are highly skilled with their Broadswords, and may throw a spear as accurately as any on the field.

These Knights are easy to mass and if upgraded a few times can be built to be nearly on par with Noldor Twilight Knights statwise; having 15-20 of these proud men and their stallions apart of your cavalry line can mean the difference between loss and victory in many cases as they often count as two or even three of any others in your force.

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