Overview Edit

The Kingdom of Sarleon has the weakest commoner troop tree by far, as well as having the most basic pattern, resulting having the least troops and only once the player will be given the option to pick an upgrade path. However, this is compensated with higher numbers.

Their archers and foot infantry makes up the entire troop tree, being the nobles the ones allowed to ride a horse. The Kingdom does equip their knights with the best equipment of the kingdom, as well as being trained the most, resulting in the warriors that stand out from this kingdom.

It is worth noting that the archer troop tree is cheaper and faster than the infantry one, with a similar potential in the latest troop but skipping a couple of upgrade troops.

Knighthood orders Edit

Their main order of the Sarleon kingdom is clearly the Order of the Lion, being established in the capital and having a 10% chance to start in Marleons as well.

They are the factional order of the Kingdom of Sarleon, meaning that a couple of Knights of the Lion is added occasionally to every lord of the kingdom. Baron Aelfried and Duke Brennus have Knights of the Lion as their household troop.

Reinforcements Edit

These are the recruiting patrons all lords and walled fiefs attached to the Sarleon culture will follow (ordered by tier):

Commoners Edit

Nobles Edit

Troop trees Edit

Tier Name
1st Sarleon Recruit
2nd Sarleon Militia
3rd Sarleon Trained Militia Sarleon Skirmisher
4th Sarleon Footman
5th Sarleon Armored Footman Sarleon Longbowman
6th Sarleon Man-at-Arms
7th Sarleon Halberdier Sarleon Armored Longbowman

You may also see Marleons Heavy Cavalry in Duke Aelfwine's army and in the 1st Banneret of Marleons. They are Sarleon's special troop.
Sarleon Man-at-Arms may be as well upgraded to Squire of the Lion if you meet the special requirements.

Kingdom of Sarleon2

Tier Name
1st Sarleon Nobleman
2nd Sarleon Squire-at-Arms
3rd Sarleon Knight

Sarleon Knights may be upgraded further to Knights of the Lion and Rangers of the Clarion Call if you meet the special requirements.

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