Sarleon Knight 3.9

Sarleon knights are without a doubt the best heavy cavalry of the 6 kingdoms. These nobles are the elite fighters of the kingdom and a very important unit for any Sarleon army.

Heavily armed, decked in plate armor and riding on heavily armored steeds, Sarleon Knights will charge through any infantry formation with ease. They also last well in both field battles and sieges, soaking up damage whilst slaughtering any unfortunate sod stupid enough to be standing in his path.

They can slaughter infantry and archer units with ease using their Heavy Lances, the deadly morningstars and Silver Great Claymores. Against cavalry, they can easily overpower most knights from other orders and are more than capable of holding their own in cavalry dogfights. Ranged and skirmisher mounted units also pose as a major nuisance against them outriding their horses on their own faster unarmored steeds and slowly inflicting damage and wearing their health down.

Overall a good, solid heavy cavalry unit that every Sarleon Lord should include in their army. Unlike their predecessor, they will always have a shield, making them more reliable when charging against archers or crossbowmen.

This troop is upgraded from Sarleon Squire-at-Arms for 200 d and upgrades no more.

They can be promoted to Knights of the Lion.

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