Sarleon Footman

The basic Sarleon soldier, Sarleon footmen are able to hold their ground against most foes their level and are usually at the front line of the Sarleon army.

They are armed with shield and spear, giving them striking power at short range for little expense. However, few among them are wealthy enough to own a sword of any kind, leaving them vulnerable if sword-armed foes manage to close the distance. Their armor is made out of leather and provides minimal protection for them, while their shields cannot stand for any extended period of time against ranged fire. Once they have proven themselves on the field of battle, they are rewarded for survival with finer armor and deadlier weapons.

They come wearing Leather Armor or Brown Padded Leather, a Mail Coif, Nasal Helmet or much more protective Cap & Chain Helm. They also wear either Leather Boots or Splinted Leather Greaves and Leather Gloves. For their armaments, they will come wielding either an Arming Sword or a Spear, both of which will always come with a Kite Shield.

This troop is upgraded from Sarleon Trained Militia for 20 d and upgrades into Sarleon Armored Footman for 40 d.