Sarleon Armored Footman

Simple to enlist and cheap to supply, these units fill a vital gap in Sarleon infantry lines. They don adequate armor and are guaranteed a shield, providing them with more defense than junior Sarleon soldiers. They maintain decent offensive power as well, carrying either Sarleon Knight Longswords or the feared Morningstars into battle.

As an individual soldier they are rather weak, but in close-knit formation their effectiveness increases exponentially. Those armed with Morningstars regularly knock down enemy infantry, leaving them vulnerable to the rest of your troops. However, against top tier infantry they stand much less of a chance, while their shields falter against consistent ranged fire, thus requiring support from heavier infantry, cavalry and archers.

They are equipped with Light Mail & Plate, with a Mail Coif or Cap & Chain Helm, Mail Boots or Mail Chausses, and Leather Gloves or Mail Mittens. Their armaments are a Sarleon Knight Longsword and a Morningstar with a Heavy Kite Shield.

These troops are fragile and the player will undoubtedly lose several of them in each battle, but they are easy to mass produce with a low upkeep cost, and can be upgraded to powerful line infantry.

This Troop is upgraded from Sarleon Footman for 40 d and upgrades into Sarleon Man-at-Arms for 120 d.