Young men who for whatever reason have found themselves without their knightly mentors and teachers for whatever reason, be it their death in battle or a duel or having done something to anger them, these Rogue Squires seem to hail from nowhere in particular, or at least nowhere that they care to mention. Without a knight to call their mentor, they often find themselves falling in with bandits, or sometimes they may even lead smaller groups, trying to get the denars together to pay for better gear.

1 Rogue Squire

Sometimes though, they are also the legitimate squires of knights who've grown dissatisifed fighting for the greater lords or were cast out of their realms, and as such one or two of these fellows are often in bandit crews that have a fully fledged rogue knight or two leading them; sometimes they may also find themselves as assistants of smaller gangs that have Red Brotherhood Thieves leading them, probably enforcing some measure of discipline among the otherwise chaotic ranks of their gangs.

Generally speaking, they're relatively well armored and nearly all ride fairly reliable hunters into battle, those few that don't being seen astride coursers. Nearly all of them have either a red and yellow quartered heater or gold waterhorse kite shield and sport either red and blue padded leather or a black brigandine, along with a dark knight helmet for protection, though not all opt for the helmet probably because they either lost it or couldn't afford one.

Almost all of them have a cavalry or light lance, which can make them surprisingly deadly especially at the outset of a battle in the opening charges. When dismounted, the vast majority all have an arming sword as well, though very rarely they may only have the lance or the sword, which can cripple their effectiveness at times. 

They can often be found mixed in among the prisoners of militia patrols, lords, luckier peasant groups, and as prisoners/employees of the Red Brotherhood's ransom brokers. Should they be rescued, they will gladly trade their current lot for  your warband, and the ransom brokers will sometimes have groups of 2-3 available to offer you if you ask them about rumors. Should they survive, they can eventually become some of the best equipped and hardest to take down rogue knights available, making them well worth it if they can be acquired.