Rogue Knights are small groups of outlawed knights and noble adventurers that roam the map. Some of them are disillusioned noblemen who have given up on their knightly ways. Others are exiled knights from other realms.

Types Edit

  • Sarleon Rogue Noble Knights are originally from the Kingdom of Sarleon (possibly from the region which borders the Empire). Their equipment is decent, being oriented heavily on melee combat. Their mounts are reliable being some form of hunter usually, they're equipped with lances, shields and a one-handed weapon (a sword, an axe, or, less frequently, a morningstar). Good statistics, decent weapons, and alright mounts will help them stay alive usually, but they seem to drop rather quickly in larger battles.
  • Ravenstern Rogue Noble Knights hail from the Kingdom of Ravenstern. Their equipment can vary, depending on their background. Some may be more akin to using heavy weapons, such as lances and two-handlers, while others prefer lighter weapons, easier to wield in the cold north, such as bows (not a favorite amongst actual knights). Their mounts can be reliable and their armor is reliable . Their experience will help keep them alive. Also notable is that if the Kingdom of Ravenstern takes a serious beating (observed at having lost the majority of their territory usually,) large numbers of this particular type of knight can be found in the armies of the remaining Ravenstern Lords, indicating them either flocking to the defense of their homeland or the "greater" nobles simply setting aside their perceived illegitimacy to make up for dwindling manpower.
  • Baccus Rogue Noble Knights are from around the southern part of the Empire. They all come equipped with a shield and a light crossbow, which they attempt to use in a similar fashion to the D'Shar horse archers. However, although they show some skill with it, they lack the punch of a heavier crossbow. Their melee weapons can be either a lance or a sword; most tend to favor lances however, which can lead to groups of them dying in droves when dehorsed, be it on the field or when involved in a siege. Their steeds, while not flimsy, are not well armored and so won't keep them mounted for as long as they might like, though this is really only a problem in larger battles, overall making these guys one of the weaker knights. They are on par with the Empire Horsemen with better armor making them better suited to flanking and skirmishing/harassment than other rogue knights.
  • Fierdsvain Rogue Noble Knights come from the Fierdsvain. They can be originally from the across the sea, being sent into exile into Pendor, or they could be even locals. While the Fiersvain are a proud people and generally refuse to do mounted combat, some have considered to give it a try. Unfortunately, the Fierdsvain don't have any knighthood orders or much regulations as such (at least not for men), so these unlucky guys are unfortunately not recognized. Their armor is decent, their mounts are quite sturdy (some may ride the Ironbred Charger) and their weapons are fairly good (lances, throwing axes, swords, more axes and morningstars), but they are the least skilled of all the knights mentioned here and strangely many seem to have forgotten to bring shields to the field constantly. They have poor statistics compared to the others and they are probably the weakest of them all, though they do seem to perform at least decently when used in siege situations against nonfierdsvain positions, partially due to their apparent love of throwing axes of various kinds and to their preference for shield wrecking two-handed axes.
  • Dshar Rogue Noble Knights are, as their name says, exiled nobility from the D'Shar Principalities and beyond the steppes. Startlingly enough, their equipment is one the best there is to loot, despite expectations. Their armor is good, their weapons can be many and most of them are great (lances, morningstars, katanas - known as Foreign Sabers -, tough shields, bows). Some of them even ride on the dreaded Netherworld Chargers. They also have the skill to use them all efficiently, making them very dangerous, even without a horse. Their main drawback is that they are also known for wielding their native equipment, sometimes putting them on par with D'Shar Noble Raiders, a non-melee, light-medium noble cavalry, making them unsuited for their intended role.
  • Rogue Blackheart Knights represent the Rogue Knights minor faction. They are one of the best sources for loot for the player, provided you can muster the strength to beat them.


Their patrols mainly consist of rogue knights, rogue squires, young adventurers and some mercenaries. Each major kingdom is constantly plagued by attacks from its specific rogue knights. For example, Fierdsvain is plagued by Fierdsvain Rogue Knight patrols, which also consists of rogue Fierdsvain Huscarl troops, while the Empire's caravans and villagers are attacked by Baccus Rogue Knights and rogue Empire Knights.

More specifically, Ravenstern Rogue Knights hire Mercenary Highlanders to aid them in battle. Sarleon Rogue Knights field Singalian Horsemen, while Foreign Rogue Knights hire Mercenary Armored Crossbowmen.

Strategy Edit

Their party sizes can get bigger as they hire rescued prisoners, but they usually start out small and are therefore very fast, being easily able to catch up to and significantly damage larger, less experienced armies. However, once the player is experienced enough to take on these small bands of Rogue Knights, they can become a good source of money- valuable items such as the Hawkstorm Bow can be obtained as loot from them. To maximize the value of the loot, players should either take a comparable in strength companion group or perform solo battles against them.

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