Rogue Blackheart Squire

The riders from which Rogue Blackheart Knights draw their numbers, Blackheart Squires, as well as their Knightly contemporaries, are theorized by some to be nobles who have refused to acknowledge the legitimacy of any claimant to the throne of Pendor, due in part to their chosen colors, as black was the primary color of the Kingdom of Pendor in the past.

They are a somewhat common sight, particularly in the region of Sarleon, the Old Kingdom's heartland, generally leading small groups of bandits and other rabble, while elsewhere they may be found among the ranks of the Red Brotherhood often working in groups of 2-6 (while their fellows leading the various bandits generally operate alone or in pairs, likely as the leader(s) of any group lacking Blackheart Knights or Notorious Outlaws.)

Unlike the Knights, these men lack ranged weapons, though make up for it with a more versatile melee arsenal, usually being armed with a lance of some sort, shields and swords, and warhammers (often making them a good choice for hauling in prisoners,) with their relative fragility and unarmored mounts - typically hunters - being thier primary drawback in larger battles while in minor clashes, they tend to be more than a match for the average bandit, minion, or militiaman.

These men can be acquired in small groups from Red Brotherhood agents who have no need for them at the time, as well as be rescued from prisoner stacks and can be considered a fairly unremarkable light-medium melee cavalry unit.

They upgrade into the far better equipped Rogue Blackheart Knight for 80 d.

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