Right to rule is the amount of respect points you have. This is used when you are founding your own kingdom.

The higher your right to rule is, the more likely lords will be to see you as the real king and even join you. If you have a low right to rule, other kingdoms will take you as a renegade, other lords may not join your faction, and other factions are more likely to declare war on you. Having low right to rule also means that the lords in different factions will not respect you as much when you talk to them. This can take the form of the lords stating that 'You are a lord with no master' and vice versa after you talk to them.

Remember that you, the player, are just a foreigner in Pendor, and getting right to rule is very difficult. Getting right to rule takes time. It is advised that before you start a nation of your own, you prepare yourself enough so that the lords respect/know you.

Right to rule can reach a maximum of 99.

Warning: If you somehow managed to raise your right to rule too high (emissaries, etc.) before joining a faction, none of the current faction leaders will accept you into their faction.

Based on results after testing:

  • Helps a female PC persuade her husband to rebel;
  • Slightly helps you convert certain lords the classic way;
  • Can't be larger than 30, or kings will not accept you as a lord;
  • higher RtR encourages lords, who switch factions, join your faction rather than some other faction (bad reputations and with high controversy lords switch factions a lot);
  • Very slightly affects lords' default decision making on matters such as "who should receive this new fief our faction captured?";
  • RtR defines how quickly major faction troops' morale is reset to 0 (in situation when they have negative morale because you are fighting their "comrades" - e.g. you have Empire troops in your army, but are in war with Empire atm). High RtR will make this process faster.  


The following is a list of actions that change your right to rule rating:

Earnings and loses
Action Outcome
Do not complete Resolve Dispute quest -2
Companion returns from spreading word +3
Your affiliated faction makes peace, ending a war +3
Recruit Lord +5
Companion returns with letter, recognized as monarch +10
Get married +15


You can send out companions once, the bonus from each companion sent out is +3, quite an increase since it comes for free. If you are the vassal of a king, the king will talk about your dangerous ambitions to your face, but he does nothing. You can get your companions to go out and spread the word about you by talking to them. After you ask them about what they think about you as a king, etc., they will begin to tell you about the old ways and so on. This will then lead to the option where you can send them off in your name.

Strangely, the cease-fire bonus works if you are member of the dominating faction, i.e., you may suddenly gain right to rule points while working as a hired mercenary or vassal of a winning faction.

You can send any of your companions out to raise your right to rule, but each has one other companion that will object if they are in your party. This means the objector will not be able to go. It should be noted that the objection is to the companion you have chosen, not that you are sending someone out. The following are possible companions and who would object if that companion is sent out:

If you are captured while a companion is promoting your right to rule, you will not gain right to rule when he or she returns.

To prevent a companion from objecting and no longer being able to be sent out to raise your right to rule, you should not recruit the party member who objects until the one they object to has already been sent out, or you can alternatively dismiss the objector when you are about to send your companion on a mission to raise right to rule (and then rehire the dismissed companion if you want).

Once a companion has already performed their mission to raise your right to rule it no longer matters if they object to whomever you send out. There is a small time delay before the objection occurs, so if you recruit a companion who would object to another companion who has already been sent, you can immediately send the objecting companion before he or she has time to object.

Note that you must wait some time after sending out a companion to promote your right to rule before you can send another one.

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