Presumed to be the lesser cousins of the Guildsmen, coming into battle with blunt weapons (or swords and clubs with a piercing damage type,) a poor shield, saddle horse, and either a crossbow or throwing knives

Despite thier level, Red Brotherhood thieves are poor fighters with equally poor staying power in a pitched battle, but they serve well as skirmishers and distractions, or a command annoyance as your own cavalry chase them about ineffectually until they're dehorsed, caught in a clump of soldiers or on obstacles, shot off thier horses, or chased by a foe on a swifter steed. While in a brawl, they can hold thier own against weaker soldiers, but don't expect them to pull of miracles beyond dehorsing or finishing you off with a lucky throwing knife to the back or side.

They can be recruited from rescued prsioners or those you take yourself, and can be sold back to the brotherhood's peddlers for 150 denars. They are generally encountered in pairs or occasionally trios.

Red Brotherhood Thief

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