Red Brotherhood Guildsman

The guildsmen are perhaps one of the most secretive and powerful agents of the Red Brotherhood. They undertake the most difficult tasks that the Red Brotherhood task them with, ranging from assassination to sabotaging. They are stealthy and sneaky, and use the most underhand methods to fulfill their missions. Their choice of weapon is usually the crossbow for assassinations, although the unwieldy crossbow is often not used if they have other missions that do not involve killing. More often than not, should you choose to venture into villages and cities at night, you might encounter these guildsmen. They are particularly dangerous if they outnumber you, and their melee skills, while not fantastic are still not to be underestimated. They may have some light head protection (Black Hood), some do have shields, some do have Leather Gloves, some do even bring a Light Crossbow to the battlefield, but none of these items are guaranteed on them. They may ride either a Saddle Horse, a Courser or a Hunter. As for melee weapons, they will bring any of these: Iron Short Sword, Metal Spiked Mace or an Iron Sword.

Their armor offers little protection but they are still dangerous. Outside on the countryside, they will often lead small group of slavers to take hapless farmers and refugees as slaves.

If you face them with an army, they are almost as easy to take down as militias. However, should you face five of them alone, especially those with crossbows, they have a fair chance of taking you down if you are careless or are poorly equipped. Individually, they are pretty good combatants, but their weak armor is only good for short skirmishes and not for a prolonged fight meaning that they cannot last as long as rank-and-file infantry in a long battle. As such, there is nothing to fear about them if you are well-guarded, but remain wary about venturing out of the safety of your army at night.

This troop doesn't upgrade from other troops nor has any available promotions.

1-4 Red Brotherhood Guildsmen will be leading the numerous Red Brotherhood's patrols.