Overview Edit

Ravenstern earned the reputation of having the strongest archers of the 5 kingdoms for ages, but with the introduction of the Hornbow and the Ghazi Arrows from the D'Shar, this ranged hegemony is now heavily disputed. Even though the Ravenstern Rangers are better trained, the new gear that these D'Shar marksmen received did even the balance.

Their infantry is both deadly and tanky, performing well in the battlefield, in the other hand, Ravenstern falters in cavalry, specially in commoners cavalry, having bad horses and the riders being poorly equipped and trained.

Knighthood orders Edit

The order of the Dragon is the Kingdom of Ravenstern's main order, being established for sure in Rane and with a 30% chance to be as well in the kingdom's capital, Ravenstern.

They are the factional order of the Kingdom of Ravenstern, meaning that a Knight of the Dragon is added occasionally to every lord of the kingdom. Duke Alexis has Knights of the Dragon as his household troop, and Count Arnoldus has Dragon Drakes.

Reinforcements Edit

These are the recruiting patrons all lords and walled fiefs attached to the Ravenstern culture will follow (ordered by tier):

Commoners Edit

Nobles Edit

The actual number is based on player's level, being the first one (lowest) when the player is level 0 (starts level 1) and will increase until reaching the last one (highest) that is when player reaches level 22. The level check-in occurs every 3 days.

Troop trees Edit

Tier Name
1st Ravenstern Recruit
2nd Ravenstern Militia
3rd Ravenstern Trained Militia Ravenstern Skirmisher
4th Ravenstern Footman Ravenstern Archer
5th Ravenstern Man-at-Arms Ravenstern Warden
6th Ravenstern Kierguard Ravenstern Horseman Ravenstern Ranger Ravenstern Mounted Ranger

You may also see Iceguard Ranger in Duke Aldemar's army. They are Ravenstern's special troop.  
Ravenstern Kierguards may upgrade further to Dragon Drakes if you meet the special requirements.

Ravenstern TroopTree
Tier Name
1st Ravenstern Nobleman
2nd Ravenstern Squire-at-Arms
3rd Ravenstern Knight Ravenstern Highlander

Ravenstern Knights may upgrade further to Knights of the Dragon if you meet the special requirements.

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