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Primary Troop Tree Edit

PoP V3.7063
Tier Name
1st Ravenstern Recruit
2nd Ravenstern Militia
3rd Ravenstern Trained Militia Ravenstern Skirmisher
4th Ravenstern Footman Ravenstern Archer
5th Ravenstern Man-at-Arms Ravenstern Warden
6th Ravenstern Kierguard Ravenstern Horseman Ravenstern Ranger Ravenstern Mounted Ranger

You may also see Ravenstern Highlanders, who appear only in Ravenstern armies. They can be obtained by upgrading Mercenary Highlanders.
You may also see Iceguard Ranger in Duke Aldemar's army. They are Ravenstern special troop.  
Ravenstern Kierguards may upgrade further to Dragon Drakes if you meet the special requirements.

Ravenstern Troop Tree

Ravenstern Troop Tree (PoP v3.7 - v3.8)

Noble Troop Tree Edit

PoP V3.7063
Tier Name
1st Ravenstern Nobleman
2nd Ravenstern Squire-at-Arms
3rd Ravenstern Knight

Ravenstern Knights may upgrade further to Knights of the Dragon if you meet the special requirements.

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