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Ravenstern Troop Tree

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Primary Troop TreeEdit

1st Tier

Ravenstern Recruit

2nd Tier

Ravenstern Militia

3rd Tier Ravenstern Trained Militia Ravenstern Skirmisher
4th Tier Ravenstern Footman Ravenstern Archer
5th Tier Ravenstern Man-at-Arms Ravenstern Warden
6th Tier Ravenstern Kierguard Ravenstern Horseman Ravenstern Ranger Ravenstern Mounted Ranger
7th Tier Ravenstern Highlander*
  • You may also see Ravenstern Highlanders, who appear only in Ravenstern armies. They are a special unit and not on any troop tree.

* As of Patch 3.7, Ravenstern Kierguards can be upgraded into Ravenstern Highlanders.

Noble Troop TreeEdit

1st Noble Tier Ravenstern Nobleman
2nd Noble Tier Ravenstern Squire-at-Arms
3rd Noble Tier Ravenstern Knight

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