These troops are future Knights-in-training and fight determinedly in battle to prove themselves worthy of become fully fledged Knights.

They ride Darksteel and Blue Caparisoned Hunters into battle which provides them with speed but lack adequate protection. Donning heraldic mail and breastplates, the Squires themselves are decently armoured wield blunt tip lances with which they can knock enemies unconscious. In addition to their lance, they also wield the Ravenstern sword for close quarter melee combat. Make sure the enemy formation is broken and infantry scattered before you tell your squires to charge as they can perform decent hit and run attacks. If forced to fight on foot they will be easily overwhelmed by mid-tier infantry and their melee skills are not notable either.

Always support these vulnerable units with heavy cavalry of your own to maximise their survival in battle, allowing them to upgrade into the powerful Ravenstern Knight.